Based in Torrance CA, Super Natural Botanicals is a company formed by a group of individuals who believe in providing premium quality kratom and other alternatives to those who are interested in attaining health through holistic approach.

It adheres and strictly follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) through the FDA.

What it offers are the best products at the lowest prices and efficient services with value delivered to every one of their customers.

Kratom is a herbal supplement that originates from Southeast Asia. Owing to its popularity in the locales for its tremendous health benefits and remarkable curing abilities, it soon became a part of their daily routine.

Today, it is widely known as a herbal alternative to conventional medicines. It produces energizing effects (at low doses) and a calming and soothing feel (in large doses). It also possesses analgesic properties (meaning that it helps in alleviating stress). Check out the right kratom dosing chart.

Which strain is right for you?

Choosing the best kratom strain or looking for the correct mode of ingestion is something that is personal to every individual. You will have to decide for yourself!

But to give you a general idea, here is a summary. Kratom is generally classified into four strains according to the color of the vein running down the center of the leaves. This determines its particular effects, aroma, taste, and the chemical composition.

  • Green strains: They are the most effective for relief, while also being mildly stimulating.
  • White Strains: Great for boosting performance, and helping with stress and sleep problems.
  • Red Strains: they render an unmatchable combination of calming, relaxing, and discomfort-relieving effects.
  • Yellow strains: Now, you must be wondering where the Yellow strains come from? Well, instead of being produced naturally, they are developed superficially after combining some two of the other naturally occurring strains (such as the white and green or red and green). This increases their effects, prolongs the length of the reaction, improves potency, and boosts the strength of the alkaloids.

Why Choose Supernatural Botanicals?

1. Lab-tested kratom

One of the parameters that must be met while we are talking about quality kratom is lab testing. This is mandatory to give confidence to the customers that the goods they are putting in their bodies are all pure and safe.

Many manufacturers today tend to malpractice to inflate the volume while sacrificing quality. But when it comes to purchasing botanicals, you must not settle for anything but the best.

Super Natural Botanicals spends a lot of capital, energy, and efforts to manufacture pure CBD tincture and kratom goods. All their products are tested twice. First in the in-house laboratories and then by a third-person laboratory, and the results are objective and unbiased that are displayed on their website. They do their best to exceed the sanitary standards of customers.

The tests that the company ensures include microbiological screening, alkaloid profiling, and heavy metals testing.

2. Diverse Product Range

Perhaps what sets Super Natural Botanicals one step ahead of the competition is their comprehensive portfolio that comprises of unique, innovative, organic, and environmentally sustainable products. From a vast variety of kratom powders and capsules to the diverse array of other ethnobotanicals like CBD and Akuamma, there is something for everyone! It really is a one-stop-shop.

3. Best prices with Discounts

Super Natural Botanicals’ products are priced quite reasonably. If you browse and compare them with other brands, you will find that they certainly are at the lower end of the range. Plus, the discounts are a bonus.

Super Natural Botanicals gives its consumers deals, rewards, and bonuses year-round. Sign up with your Email Id and keep tuned for daily alerts and fun new gives.

4. Kratom CBD Affiliate program

If you are a blogger, YouTuber, or have your business website, just log on to your work website and link it to the Super Natural Botanicals online store through texts, advertisements, and product links. You will get 15% of the sale as commission if a purchase is made through your social media page or business website.

4. Variety packs

Kratom Variety packs (or demo packs) are an excellent buy for both the fresh and beginners and experienced kratom users because they comprise of various varieties. Thus, while the newbies get to pick the perfect strain that suits them the best, the more seasoned can appreciate the taste of many breeds.

What’s more, is that Super Natural Botanicals sells such starter packs at incredibly low rates. So rather than going through the hassle of buying various items and investing huge sums, you can appreciate the ease of these all-in-one boxes.

Supernatural Kratom powder

Super Natural Botanicals has the most extensive list of kratom strains that you will find online. Not only all the basic but a few rare ones are also available on their website. Not only in powder form, but also as capsules and liquids. You name it, they have it!

If you find kratom bitter to swallow, there is also a product named ‘oblate disc’, which is an edible wafer paper that you can use to wrap up your dose. Wouldn’t that be convenient?

Supernatural Kratom capsules

Not only do capsules deliver a metered dose every time, but they ensure the product’s freshness and are palatable. If you prefer your kratom in the form of capsules, Super Natural Botanicals has a vast variety of options for you as well. Each bottle of capsules contains 50 pieces having 500 – 750 mg of kratom in each. All of these are available at the price of $19.99, except for the Red Borneo which costs $20.99.

One rare form of kratom that you will find on the website is tablets. ‘Super Kratom Tablets’ (50ct for $24.95) are easy to consume, travel-friendly, and quickly gaining popularity for being the best kratom tablets available online.

CBD Oil Products

If you don’t want to get high, but want help through holistic ways, CBD is a great choice. Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis having many health benefits and therapeutic potential. To name a few, it relieves stress, relaxes muscles, helps with stress and insomnia, and is a powerful anti-oxidant.

If you want the advantages of cannabinoids, without having to worry about drug tests (like those that sportsmen and federal employees have to take), CBD is for you! As it does not contain THC, it will not give you a false-positive test result.

  • Pure CBD oil tincture: It is 99.7% pure, berry-flavored, and free of pesticides and chemicals.
  • Bella Canna CBD Pre Rolls: These are well-trimmed, of high quality, and packaged neatly. If the flavor is what you value the most, then these are probably your best bet.
  • Bella Canna CBD Hemp Flower: Grown indoor, this full-spectrum flower has a sweet and funky flavor.
  • Pure Hemp Farms CBD Flowers: If you want to sit back, relax, and increase your focus in life, this indoor-grown herb is for you.
  • Pure Hemp Farms CBD Pre Rolls: Made from premium hemp buds, these smokes are convenient, travel-friendly, and easy to use.
  • Ecoderm CBD Cream: It is a relief cream infused with a blend of full-spectrum CBD extract and a potent analgesic called methyl-salicylate. It is eco-friendly, non-GMO, Halal, and Kosher certified.
  • CBD Drip Onyx: This can be taken with any flavored liquid for vaping or put under the tongue.

What else?

Still haven’t find the ethnobotanical that you were looking for. Well, Super Natural Botanicals has more traditional medicines available for you.

Akuamma: its effects are similar to kratom. It is an anti-inflammatory, discomfort reducer, and muscle relaxer.

Kratom Extracts: looking for something stronger than regular kratom? Extracts are the way to go!

Available as powder and liquid, seasoned users will certainly find a product of their liking. A little bit of these go a long way.

  • Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom (UEI)
  • Black Crystal Kratom Extract powder
  • Kratom shot (extra strength Bali Blend)
  • Kratom 15x powder Extract
  • Speciose shot
  • Full Spectrum Kratom Tincture

Kratom Gummies: these are small but mighty! With a fixed dose of 3 grams of pure kratom in each and its sweet, tangy, and fruity flavor, each gummy is worthwhile.

How are the customers’ opinions:

They are rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Most of the reviews talk about how great the quality of their products is and how timely the delivery was made. Their customer service has also received many praises. There are not many wrongs that you can point out in their services.

How is Super Natural Botanicals’ social media presence

Quite impressive.

In this age, having social media accounts and interacting with customers is very necessary. This not only increases the reach of products of the vendor, but also allows them to mold their services according to the popular opinion.

Super Natural Botanicals realizes this and is active on all the relevant social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram, and they have a LinkedIn profile as well.

Shipping, Payment methods, and Delivery

They accept payments through Debit or Credit cards, Electronic Check, Green Bean Pay (similar to cash app), Zelle, Pop Money (10% off), Cash App, Google Pay.

All products are shipped USPS on the same day of order placement and take 2 – 3 business days in the US and a little more for international delivery.

Shipping charges are determined according to the size and weight of the order, the delivery method selected, and the location provided by the customer.

Free delivery on all orders above $50.

Return Policy: Non-satisfactory products can be returned for a full refund within 10 days of receiving (provided that the package is in its original and un-opened form.

Should you buy from them?

Super Natural Botanicals is a promising brand. They uphold quality, strict manufacturing and processing methods and provide top-notch products at a reasonable price. Plus, you can find all your herbal supplements under one roof. All in all, they are a great vendor, and you must consider them the next time you are shopping for ethnobotanicals.

Address: 17326 Falda Ave
Torrance CA 90504
Phone: +1 424-399-0210