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 In the policy highlighted below as well as throughout the website, the words “our”, “us,” and “we” are a reference to Naya Kratom, whereas “you” implies to the user, buyer, customer or visitor of the Site- whether an individual or an organization.

You are eligible to use the Site or engage in any activity only after you consent to these Terms and Conditions. So, regardless of your status (as a vendor, contributor, buyer, merchant or consumers), it is mandatory to thoroughly read them and comply. Failure or refusal to do so will terminate your privilege of using or benefiting from our website’s services or making subsequent purchases.

Our team, in its sole discretion, can edit or amend these policies whenever the need be- with all changes made clear by revising the Last Updated. Therefore, you are responsible for regularly visiting the page and checking the Date.

Section 1 – Terms For Online Store Purchase 

  • All buyers must essentially be over and above 18 years of age as per the U.S. Legislation. Our Kratom and CBD products can strictly not be sold to individuals who fail to meet the age criterion.
  • We may ask you to produce a copy or send a picture of your National Identity Card at any point of the dealing (as a proof of your age).
  • Accepting our Terms of Service ultimately implies that you belong to the legal majority age of your state.
  • Buyers must not have affiliations with the government or law enforcement agency and order upon their instructions.
  • Users are entitled not to violate our Code of Conduct for an unauthorized or illegal motive. If they are found guilty of contravening our policies, we have the authority to issue an immediate service termination. 
  • All users, hereby, agree that they are in a stable physical and mental health condition while making purchasing decisions on our Site.

SECTION 2 – Terms of Sales

  • While we strive to depict the most accurate imaging, colors, features, and specifications of the products available in our catalog, slight variations can occur. This could also be due to your device’s monitor display, which is certainly not our fault. 
  • We can limit our services, operation, activity or products in any jurisdiction, geographic region, or person at any time even where Kratom is legal.
  • In cases of acute shortages in supply or production of certain Kratom strains or supplements, we can refuse to take orders, cancel the booked orders or even limit quantities for each order. 
  • In line with our company’s Core Values of impartiality, justice and fairness, when a product with limited supply faces dramatically high demand, we can impose quantity restrictions on orders according to each household, person, shipping address, billing, credit cards or customer accounts.
  • Our Full Refund Policy only applies to specific products and services. 
  • No warranty is available for information, service, or product purchase.

SECTION 3 – Terms Of Use

  • Naya Kratom reserves the right for service refusal, at any time, to any client for any specific reason.
  • Your data will not be encoded. However, we can use your information for the following purposes:

(a) Different network channeling 

(b) Technical Purposes- device and network connections. 

  • All Credit Card information shall be subjected to encryption.
  • Users are strictly not permitted to use, exploit, resell, sell, duplicate or replicate, gain unfair access to the products or services on the website till granted permission by Naya Kratom.

SECTION 4 – Information Accuracy

  • All the information, herein, on the site or the blog or communicated via email or phone, is “as is” without any representation or warranties, express or implied.
  • All information given is purely intended for recreational and educational purposes. In no way does it advertise any medicinal treatment proposal.
  • Any information, data or advice, on the product, label or Site strictly doesn’t suggest a medical cure, prevention, or treatment of any disease.
  • The material given on the Site should not be relied upon for any settlements or substitutes- medical or therapeutic. Use it at your own risk.
  • All information is subject to modification, alteration or amendment at any given point in time, and yet not obligated for regular updating.
  • Our website information is solely restricted and applicable in states or countries where Kratom is legal and regulated. 
  • The information on the site may be illegal, unavailable or inaccessible in jurisdictions other than the United States.

SECTION 5 – Price Modifications

Naya Kratom has the right to discontinue, change, inflate or reduce product prices any time without prior notice and is not accountable to a third party or the user for this action.

SECTION 6 – Account Information and Billing Accuracy

  • While creating an Account it is mandatory to always submit your current, accurate, and complete data.
  • Accessing the Naya Kratom website through automated or non-human means is unauthorized.
  • All username and passwords are meant to be kept confidential. 
  • Users are entitled to provide accurate Bank Account or Credit Card information to make a purchase.
  • In case of an impending Credit Card expiry date or change of address, you must promptly update and notify us.

SECTION 7- Shipping and Delivery

  • We are not liable for delayed deliveries by your chosen courier or shipment service. 
  • Our company ceases all delivery operations on Federal Holidays.
  • Orders placed before 10 am PST on working days will be dispatched for shipping the same day, while if placed after 10 am, they will be sent the following day.
  • Orders placed on weekends or holidays will be sent to the courier office on the next working day. 
  • Delivery is guaranteed for all purchases from our site; however, we are not responsible for items stolen or lost on the way. 
  • We hold no accountability for any incorrect, false or misleading shipping address entered at your end.

SECTION 8 – Third-party Links

  • Our Site may contain links to third-party services, products, and content that are not directly associated with us. They are merely added for your reference and convenience.
  • We are not responsible for evaluating and examining their information, service, products or liable for any damaged goods, spam transactions, or misleading resources provided by them.
  • It is binding upon you to carefully read and understand the policies, terms and conditions of the Third-Party sites before engaging in their activities- using, installing or purchasing. 
  • Submit all your queries, concerns, claims, and complaints at their given Contact Details.

SECTION 9 –Feedback, Submissions and User Comments

  • Naya Kratom reserves all rights to translate, publish, edit, or withhold your comments, contribution, proposals, contest entries, suggestions, reviews, ratings and ideas made on our platform. 
  • We are definitely not obligated to:  
    1. maintain the confidentiality of the comments 
    2. pay compensation for your feedback or reviews 
    3. always and aptly respond to your comments
  • We have the authority to remove, delete or edit any content we find inappropriate, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, libelous, threatening, offensive, unlawful or malarious on moral, legal and ethical grounds.
  • Any contribution from your part must not violate proprietary, personal, privacy, trademark, and copyrights terms.
  • We urge commenters to act as responsible and mature citizens by verifying any piece of advice or information they share or pass on. 
  • It is beyond us to validate, cross-check or closely monitor every chunk of information commented. So, we are not accountable for any misleading advice or info passed from a user’s end. And request readers to implement or use it at their discretion.

SECTION 10 – Omissions, Inaccuracies and Errors

Our team is not answerable, questionable or accountable for occasional omissions, inaccuracies or errors, if any, found in the content on our Site – be it promotional, product pricing, product description, transit, or shipping charges.

SECTION 11 – Prohibited Acts/Code Of Conduct

  • Users are expected to uphold the principles of morality and ethics. They are strictly prohibited from using our website or its content for the following: 
  • Indulging in illegal affairs or unlawful acts 
  • (State, provincial, deferral or international violation of ordinances, laws, rules, regulations 
  • Property right violation 
  • Discriminating, intimidating, slandering, defaming, abusing, harming or insulting another user based on disability, origin, age, race, ethnicity, religion or gender 
  • Adding or disseminating false information
  • (g) Transmitting malware or virus 
  • Tracking another user’s personal information 
  • To scrape, crawl, spider, pharm or spam 
  • Impeding security traits.
  • Violation of the aforementioned acts will result in immediate service termination of the Site.

SECTION 12- Governing Law And Venue

  • The U.S. Laws govern Naya Kratom’s practices and operations. Therefore, any dispute, claims or breach arising between you and us will be resolved and handled according to the American Laws. 
  • ii) Users explicitly consent that all actions or proceedings will be tried and litigated exclusively in the U.S. This ultimately waives off your right to contest exclusive venue by any motion to transfer, motion for forum non-convenience or related motions. 

SECTION 13 – Intellectual Property Rights

  • Unless stated otherwise, all content on the Naya Kratom’s Site and blog is our exclusive proprietary property and protected by all copyright and trademark laws.
  • As such, redistribution, re-transmission, republication, or commercial use of material without our permission or approval is expressly forbidden.

SECTION 14 – Risk of Loss and Regulation

We are not responsible if the item is lost, damaged, or broken due to your negligence, once it is marked or signed “delivered” by the courier company.

SECTION 15 – Personal Data

Naya Kratom’s comprehensive Privacy Policy governs all the Personal Data submitted and our Use of Cookies.

SECTION 16 – Discount Vouchers and Promotional Codes

The use of multiple discount or codes in a single purchase is prohibited and your transaction may be subjected to cancellation.

SECTION 17 – Basic Requirements

  • Each Term and Condition clause stands on its own and has its own merits.
  • These Terms of Service can be viewed at all times and subject to changes.
  • Users are considered to have been made aware and to have accepted the revised terms. So, it’s best to keep checking and be informed of the latest updates.

Failure to comply with the above Terms and Conditions may lead to severe consequences such as suspension of your account or discontinuation of your current or future use of the Site with immediate effect.

If you have queries or concerns regarding the above T&C, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team at or (818) 940-1358.