Naya aims to provide the missing link between online sellers and consumers through efficient service and affordable pricing. Have you ever wondered why online shops and Speciosa vendors offer bulk purchase deals? Wholesale Kratom is a bulk purchase that reduces the cost per unit weight. Online shops provide wholesale as a convenience feature for users all over the United States.

We aim to create a community where there is a trust that the products are fresh, potent, and useful. Simultaneously, lower prices and smart packaging to ensure the quality of alkaloid packs are delivered.

Why should I buy wholesale kratom from Naya?

Naya has a mission statement that we highlighted earlier. To make the best quality of kratom available, We offer a lower price for large quantities. Are you a smoke shop or head shop owner? Do you want to sell Kratom products to customers? Do you have an online shop for organic substances? Are you an enthusiastic buyer who wishes to keep large amounts of products?

Even if you have answered any one of the above questions affirmatively, wholesale kratom is for you! We believe in convenience, and the best way to show is by offering customers the right price for the best product. If you plan to buy wholesale kratom, you will be

  • Saving money
  • Receiving packaged and sealed, fresh Mitragyna products in bulk,
  • Receiving a large variety at a reduced cost.
  • Minimizing shipping cost.
  • Able to sell smaller quantities to consumers at market price to earn profits.
  • Become a part of the community selling trustworthy and reliable products!

The most significant benefit of buying bulk kratom from Naya is that you will be saving a substantial amount as the price of any product for wholesale is less.

For example, Maeng Da pills might cost you $50 for a 60-pill jar from a quality online shop. However, if you buy in bulk, the wholesale rate maybe $35 for a hundred pills! While this is a hypothetical example, it is good enough to explain that the price per piece drops significantly when you buy in bulk.

We ensure a supervised shipment from production to the packaging process. You receive fresh, aromatic, and effective ketum packed in boxes and cartons to ensure that the contents reach you safely, untouched, and sealed to avoid contaminants.

Naya has entered the Mitragyna market with a bang due to its customer service and quality. While the online shop delivers only the best, the method of delivery and quick shipping will save you more than just money! You will get the pack of quality in lesser time, and the shipping cost will be reduced too!

How to order Kratom wholesale products?

The convenience of buying from Naya is a pleasant addition to the numerous consumer benefits one can receive from this online shop! Another convenient factor at this shop is that you can order kratom in more than one way!

Add to cart

You can log on to the website and select your favorite strains in wholesale. Click the ‘add to cart’ option, pay for your order, and check out. You will receive your package of potent, refreshing, and fresh Korth within two working days.

Order on phone

Naya is not just a virtual cloud on the worldwide web! You can interact with the store by calling on the numbers given on their website. Place your order with a customer care representative and receive the best quality kratom at your doorstep. The fast shipping ensures that you receive your merchandise within two working days, no matter how you order!

Contact form

The contact form on the website is a personalized way of reaching management. You can fill the form and request your order, which will be sent your way with due diligence! None of the contact methods are obsolete as there are helpful team members at the vendor’s end, always willing to help and attend to customers!

What to expect after ordering wholesale kratom from Naya

Any online vendor’s quality can be judged by the shipping service and the packaging of the merchandise. Naya packs all bulk orders in cartons after sealing the products in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. The hard carton ensures damage-free stock while the vacuum sealing keeps the contents intact. You will witness the freshness of nature in the texture, aroma, and efficacy of your Speciosa purchase!

Things to consider for wholesale kratom purchase

When the leaves come to the United States, it is usually for a manufacturer directly. However, bulk buying and wholesale of kratom are possible! Here are a few points to consider beforehand if you are interested in buying in large quantities.

Source of Mitragyna

Whatever your source is, the seller must provide information about the dried leaves’ origin. Every location has its distinct plantation, which has unique properties and effects. If you are buying the Indonesian Kratom variant, then it will be different from a Malay variation. The seller must be aware of the type of kratom, as wholesalers in the United States have partner farmers in Southeast Asia. These expert farmers are aware of the korth kind as well as the impact of each strain.

Freshness and efficacy clearance

When you buy kratom in bulk, remember to check the dried leaves’ freshness. Several indicators give away the age of leaves. Aroma, taste, the color of leaves, and the presence of dust or mold can explain whether that particular batch of Kratom is fresh and worth buying.

Laboratory testing

While some importers do not have laboratory tests done on dried kratom leaves, several online shops import leaves and process them in their state-of-the-art facilities. You can find several manufacturers that sell wholesale and offer laboratory-tested kratom. What is even better is that you can buy processed products such as kratom pills, kratom extracts, and kratom powder in large quantities!

Beware of quacks

At every nook and cranny, you will find a person selling something subpar and not fit for consumption! This includes vendors who buy kratom from unknown sources, mix fillers, and preservatives to increase the weightage of their merchandise. However, the quality of Speciosa is low. You must choose a seller that can provide details of the source. Moreover, there has to be a check on the freshness and quality.