There are many different types of Speciosa strains available out there, but our topic of concern is one particular type of strain – Elephant Kratom.  Elephant is the most sought-after strain, and you will learn everything there is to know about it as this article unfolds.

Mitragyna Speciosa, most popularly known as Kratom, is a plant known for its deep-rooted connection with the coffee plant family. It is becoming increasingly in demand nowadays due to its therapeutic properties. It acts as an energy booster and mood elevator, along with its discomfort-relieving and anti-nervousness attributes. 

How did Elephant Kratom get its name?

Before we get into the details about what exactly is Elephant Kratom, it’s worth mentioning the origin of its name. Although the effects of all types of strains are almost similar, the feature which makes Elephant Kratom stand out is the shape of its leaves. They look like floppy elephant ears, hence the name.

How is Elephant Kratom Grown and Produced?

The place of cultivation and the conditions under which the Mitragyna plant is grown play an essential role in the strain’s quality. The Elephant Kratom is harvested mostly in South East Asia.

The best kind of Elephant Kratom, known as the Bali kratom. It is grown in the Indonesian regions of Hulu Kapuas, Ketapang, and Jongkong, all of which are part of the Borneo Islands.  Other popular Elephant strains, namely the Maeng Da, Sumatra, and Thai Kratom. All these strains are famous for their powerful potency and relieving properties.

The farmers who cultivate the Elephant Kratom, let the plant grow till it matures fully so that the leaves can produce plant matter rich in alkaloids. These alkaloids are the main reason behind the distinct and lasting aroma.

What Does Elephant Kratom Help With?

As mentioned earlier, Elephant Kratom has a lot of therapeutic benefits, which make it immensely popular among enthusiasts.

But before getting on with its effects on the health of the users, we would like to mention that Elephant is not a miracle herbal strain. It helps with the symptoms of specific ailments but doesn’t cure it from the core.

Just like several nervousness reliever temporarily alleviate headaches and joint discomfort, the same is the case with this strain. It will lessen the symptoms, but won’t permanently get rid of the disease. Therefore, do not use it as alternative medicine. It is just something that helps you get through the day audaciously.

Getting back to the effects, the people who used Elephant Speciosa shared the many benefits they enjoyed while brewing Kratom tea powder. Following, we have mentioned some of those benefits:

  • It gives an overall sense of well-being
  • It results in increased comprehensibility
  • It causes mild stimulation
  • Users feel enhanced focusing ability
  • They also experience a restful slumber

Types of Elephant Leaf Kratom

There are three types of Elephant Kratom known to man based on the color of the veins in the leaves and the stem shade. All three types have different chemical composition, characteristics, and effects, depicted by their color.

Let’s have a look at each class and the varying effects they have on the consumers.

1) Red Elephant Kratom

Red is the most desired and popular strain among all three types because it relieves discomfort, reduces nervousness, heals arthritis, cures sleep disorders, alleviates stress, and the list continues. We will discuss each benefit separately, but first, let’s give you an insight into how it is made.

Red Elephant Kratom is made out of the tree leaves that tend to be the oldest and largest, imported from high elevated areas. The leaves of these relatively older trees are rich in alkaloids, hence the countless advantages. Due to its high-quality traits, more people are turning towards its usage with each passing day. We have discussed some of the highlighted impacts of Elephant Red Kratom below:

Improved Concentration and Cognitive Function

One of the most noticeable impacts of Red Elephant is its ability to aid in clearing the mind of muddled thoughts, which improves the concentration and focus of the user. This results in attentiveness and higher productivity.

Sedative Effect

If you have insomnia, Elephant Red is just the thing you need. It helps the user to fall into a sweet slumber, resulting in a relaxed and refreshed mind.

Nervousness Relieving Properties

If you suffer from discomfort and nervousness, Red Elephant helps alleviate your nervousness. The leaves of this plant have the effect of a nervousness reliever but do not cause any mind-altering effects.

Euphoric Impact

In times like today, it is common for people to feel sad or down for no particular reason. The usage of Elephant creates feelings of euphoria and happiness, which enhances the mood of the user almost instantly.


Most people who suffer from chronic discomfort find it difficult to go about their day without medication. In other words, they are dependent on it. Red Elephant acts a twofer by detoxifying your body alongside dealing with your nervousness.

2) White Elephant Kratom

Like Redthe Kratom tree leaves chosen for making White Elephant Kratom are the highly mature ones, imported from deep jungles. This strain is specifically for those who are undergoing stress and are looking for a time-out. It helps in relaxing their brain and leaves them feeling refreshed. One reason for the high demand for this type of Kratom is the fast-acting and positive impact it has on the user.

Some of the conspicuous benefits of White Elephant Kratom are mentioned below:

Relief from Body Discomfort

Discomfort is something most people live with, especially when you cross a certain age. Although discomfort medications reduce nervousness, it takes some time for their effect to settle in. In the case of Elephant White, the result is faster, almost instant.

Cures Nervousness and Stress

Nervousness and stress have become quite common nowadays. It gets the better of a completely sane person, leaving them down in the dumps. This is where Elephant White comes to the rescue. Within half an hour of taking the correct dosage, a person starts feeling better and focuses on less dismal things.

Mood Elevation

Are you feeling bored and fatigued? Worry no more as the Elephant White Kratom tree leaf powder will turn your gloominess into happiness and make you lively. As a result, you will feel motivated and merry.

Increased Focus

Losing focus during stressful times can slow down your productivity. The White Elephant Kratom stimulates the brain, causing increased function. This makes the user more focused on the task at hand and ensures a boost in productivity levels.

3) Green Elephant Kratom

As it is apparent from the name Green Elephant Kratom tree leaf powder is finely ground and has a dark green color. This particular strain comes from fully matured Kratom tree leavesimported from the deep jungles of Banjarmasin, Indonesia. The Green Elephant Kratom is known to possess properties of Red as well as White Kratom. This means that it has mixed effects of both the previously mentioned strains. It has a natural, earthy taste, which makes it popular among consumers.

Let’s have a look at some the plus points of this Kratom tea powder:

High Stimulation

The Elephant Green causes mild euphoric effects as a result of high stimulants. The energy levels are enhanced, but in a controlled way. Therefore, people who are new to using Speciosa can indulge in it without any severe consequences.

Clarity and Focus

Like the other two, Green Elephant also aids in clearing the mind’s cloudiness, causing a heightened level of focus.

Relief and Sedation

Elephant Green is not very popular when it comes to relieving discomfort and causing sedation. The Red and White strains are better and more effective in these two areas.

In What Forms is Elephant Strain Available?

Elephant leaf Kratom is available in 3 forms:

Although all three forms are beneficial, their effectiveness and absorption are varied.

Elephant Kratom in powdered form is more in demand than the others because it passes through the intestines relatively faster. As a result, it gets absorbed quickly.

The absorption speed of kratom capsules is slower than powder, but in terms of portability, Elephant capsules take the lead. They are easy to carry, but swallowing them is a problem in itself because of the size.

As for tinctures, the only good thing is that the dose is adjustable, and absorption is fast. They are expensive and have a short shelf life. Also, the alkaloids tend to settle at the bottom of the bottle.


The benefits of Kratom Elephant are many, but like it is with every herbal or medicinal drug, excess of anything can be jeopardizing to the body and mind in the long run. Therefore, always consult a medical expert for prescribing a safe dosage according to your age, weight, and metabolism.

Also, conduct proper research on the different forms of Elephant Kratom and choose the one that befits your taste and budget.