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Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, comes in a diverse variety, and it’s easy to get lost in all the different types. Kratom is native to Southeast Asia, and many countries in the region grow and export the herb.

First, kratom varieties are more commonly known as strains. It can be classified in several different ways, and that’s why the classification gets complex. Sometimes, kratom is classified based on the location it comes from.

For example, mitragyna that comes from Malaysia is called Malay kratom. Similarly, kratom that comes from Bali (an island in Indonesia) is known as Bali kratom.

Kratom can also be classified based on the color of its leaf-veins. As kratom trees grow, the veins of their leaves take on different colors based on environmental factors. The basic types of kratom colors are red, green, and white. So, for example, Red Bali kratom comes from Bali, and the veins of its leaves took on a red color while growing up.

On some kratom websites, you’ll find products called enhanced kratom. This means that the product is a kratom extract. Extracts are more potent than regular kratom products because they pack a lot of kratom into a tiny volume. 

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