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Yellow Kratom attracts users with its bright hue. Yellow Malaysian Kratom, also known as Yellow Malay Kratom, has not only a wonderful color but also a unique aroma. Just like Green Malay Kratom, Yellow Malaysian Kratom gets a share of properties from red and white Kratom; the only two differences are that yellow is more potent than green and also rarer!

We at Naya Kratom have made this rare yet marvelous Kratom strain available for our avid and new kratom users.

Why is Yellow Kratom called yellow?

Not that the answer changes the fact that yellow Malaysian Kratom is one of the best you can try, but we will answer the question so that our users are more aware. There are some theories. Many say that the yellow Kratom is formed when green- and white-veined leaves go through a different drying process. The drying process determines the alkaloid content.

Attracting Effects of Yellow Malaysian Kratom

Did you say you are tired, sad, or in discomfort? Or all these together?

Yellow is the color!

Yellow Malaysian Kratom, from the tall green Malaysian trees, is a discomfort buster, stress reliever, mood elevator, and energizer. Out of many spectacular qualities, it is best known for relieving discomfort and energizing. The exhilaration level of yellow Kratom is uncanny!

How much Yellow Malay Kratom should you take for the kick?

Answering this question is the toughest. No two human bodies are the same, and neither can their responses be alike. But to answer, we would say start with the lowest possible dose and see how your body responds. Usually, people have reported feeling fine when they started with 1 to 2 grams of yellow Malay. Be careful and take in moderation!

This gives birth to another question: How do you measure grams of Kratom powder on a spoon?

It is always advisable to have exact measurements by weighing on a kitchen scale. However, if you do not want to use a scale, Naya Kratom has an answer for you: 1 teaspoon is equivalent to almost 2 grams of kratom powder.

Why NayaKratom over other vendors?

The simple answer is that we believe in delivery because action is louder than words. Select us because we provide:

  • A 100% authentic Yellow Malay Powder
  • Fresh, hand-picked, potent, and pure Yellow Malaysian Powder
  • Fast and timely delivery of the product in a fool-proof packaging
  • Gentle process with no use of pesticides or chemicals
  • Free samples with an order of 50$ or more
  • Most competitive rates besides the promotions and offers with flexible refund and exchange policies

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