All About Naya Kratom

Naya Kratom is an online shop offering the best kratom products according to the recommendations of the American Kratom Association. The process of manufacturing and packaging at Naya Kratom ensures that efficacy and freshness remain intact. For all your kratom needs, Naya Kratom is the last resort where you can find only the best Speciosa Mitragyna.

Naya Kratom promises you the best products as the kratom we use is from the all-natural farms of Southeast Asia. The organic leaves are hand-picked by farmers who do not allow the plants to ripe for longer than the recommended period. The drying procedure is also specific, to ensure that the alkaloids remain active and potent. Our state-of-the-art processing units and expert teams execute each step with care. The end product is always a notch above the rest! You will become a regular customer if you try Naya Kratom even once!

Once you log on to the website, you will get mesmerized by the range of products and exotic strains. From potent powders to invigorating extracts, the shelves are always stocked for you! Try kratom tablets, which are not a common product or you can create your own choice of edibles and beverages with powders and extracts. Kratom capsules are also available with all kratom strains and in various potencies in terms of milligrams of alkaloids in the product!

For all kratom products, beginners must start use with a minimal amount of one gram per day. When you consume kratom regularly for a few days, raise your consumption by one gram and gradually build-up to the amount that gives you energizing and stimulating results. Be sure not to use more than six grams of kratom per day. Checkout the right kratom dosing chart

The best part about Naya Kratom products is that each one is designed for your comfort and ease. The smooth and fine kratom powder can be used in teas, beverages, edibles, and can be taken with a glass of water alone! Similarly, the extracts can become a part of your daily routine as vapes or any creative ingestion method as you desire. The capsules from Naya Kratom are Non-GMO and vegan so you can enjoy your daily fix without any fear of getting a side effect!

Kratom is rich in numerous alkaloids but the two most prominent ones are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy Mitragynine. The stimulation of alkaloids, especially Mitragynine is what makes kratom a potent natural substance.

Speciosa Mitragyna or kratom is classified according to the color of the leaf vein. You must have heard of red, green, and white vein kratom; these are the variations of this botanical according to the vein color! The red vein kratom type is considered more impactful, while the green vein Mitragyna is a milder variation. The white vein kratom also has specific effects to recharge and stimulate users.

Naya kratom is committed to providing the best quality of kratom, and also recommends the right dosage for all users. However, the products from the website will not make users feel uncomfortable or high as the dosage according to all users is for optimum results. Many people believe that herbal products may lead to a high feeling, but not kratom! All you need to do is follow the dosage and you will only feel motivated and energized.

Kratom grows in the hot and humid Southeast Asian region. Our partner farmers and expert teams of cultivators ensure that the organic and healthy kratom leaves are hand-picked to suit our quality. The leaves are then dried in a shaded area under thin cotton sheets to prevent contamination of dust, insect, or other particles.

We process the kratom leaves at our facility and ensure that the freshest and most impactful organic kratom reaches your doorstep.  

Our website confirms that all the products on display come with third-party laboratory tests, approving the product’s efficacy and disclosing the number of alkaloids.

As we mentioned earlier, the recommended dose of kratom varies with individuals. However, all beginners must start at a minimum. If you are a regular user, you can enjoy the various strain in moderate amounts, not exceeding six grams per day!

Since Naya Kratom is not a conventional Mitragyna shop, you can read up more about the botanical and its stimulating impact on our blog. We aim to educate users so that they are aware of the substance they use, as well as how it impacts them! All herbal compounds in the market work gradually and their impact will vary with individuals. Check out the blog on the Naya Kratom website and get to know more about the enigmatic strains and exotic Mitragyna types from the source that knows it!

Shipping FAQs

Naya Kratom’s promise of quality is not restricted to the products alone! Our customer service is immaculate as we want to win members and not just cater to clients. When you order a product from our website, a simple payment method follows, and as soon as you clear that, we ship the package on the same day. Wherever you are in the United States, the package will reach you within three working days.

Once the courier is dispatched, a tracking code will be sent to your registered cellphone number or email address. You can track your Naya Kratom order through the code given to you.

Today is your lucky day because you got what you wished for! Naya kratom offers free shipping on all orders over $99. So if you plan on ordering more kratom, add a few products to the cart and checkout! No additional charges will appear on the invoice!

Order FAQs

Now and then our customers excitedly offer something but then find out another product that they find more appealing! No worries if that happens with you as well! Through our online support, you can get your order exchanged if it has not left the facility! However, in case the package is on its way to you, we are still open to any exchange or return that you desire.

Our customers order the products online and then pay through a secure link at the same time. Naya Kratom dispatches the package as soon as payment is received. If you want to cancel any order between the time of payment and dispatch, you may do so and we will not charge you extra!

At Naya Kratom, the prerogative is to deliver stimulating and energizing experiences! In case you feel that a particular kratom product is not for you, you can return it. Our company is dedicated to providing what is best for you!

Our customer service is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week! If you have any queries, log on to Naya Kratom and reach our customer representatives. You can also pick up the telephone and call us for any kind of kratom-related questions and we will be happy to help!