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Are you looking for a solid tranquilizing punch? Whether you are struggling with unexpected nervousness or post-work stress on your way back home, the Red Jongkong kratom powder will serve to be an easy, quick fix. You can make a delicious cup of kratom tea or toss n’ wash your desired dose; the effects kick in within an hour of ingestion.

But, What is Red Jongkong Kratom powder?

Red Jongkong kratom has scarlet-red veins, which become apparent in the heavenly green leaves. Only mature kratom leaves, at least 4-5 years old, have prominent red veins. Red Jongkong strain is known for the concentrated amount of 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid, which help you reap all the health benefits of this magic bullet.

Cultivation and Rarity of Red JongKong Kratom powder

The Red Jongkong strain is only found inside West Kalimantan Island’s borders, where the Jongkong forest produces this variety in abundance. The Kapuas River’s fresh water adds to the smooth development and rich texture of Red Jongkong kratom. The tropical climate, including heavy rainfalls and hot, humid winds, provides the ideal conditions for proper growth. When the visible red veins invade the entire leaf structure, seasoned farmers pick each leaf by hand and deeply cleanse them with fresh water. Later, an open-air drying session takes place in a separate building, and the crunchy leaves are sent into 100-micron grinders to produce 100% pure Red Jongkong kratom powder.

What user’s say about this magical formula?

According to Red Jongkong kratom powder regular users, the powder serves to be a quick pick-me-up to fight discomfort, stress and nervousness. The smaller portion of Mitragynine alkaloid in this strain helps with a mild energy boost and makes the user feel blissful and happy.

Why choose Naya’s Red Jongkong Kratom powder?

The Red Jongkong kratom powder at Naya kratom is nothing less than a magic bullet. Our Jongkong variety is all-natural, free from fillers, flavonoids, metals, salmonella, and E.coli. We ensure superior quality and ultimate purity by conducting third-party lab testing and provide only premium quality kratom to our customers at prices that are pretty easy on their hard-earned cash.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Naya’s Red Jongkong kratom powder, and say goodbye to your everyday glitches!

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