One of the topmost asked questions of 2021 includes ‘how much does Kratom cost?’ All regular Kratom consumers already know, and all newbies need to know that the pricing varies from vendor to vendor!

Whether you shop online or buy it from any local store, you’ll notice that every vendor has their selling price. The price isn’t fixed due to being unregulated; this gives vendors an edge to slap any price tag they want! Thus, consumers need to be vigilant about where to buy their products from. With the expansion in the Kratom industry, many sneaky vendors can get you into spending more than the average cost!

This article is focused on discussing the average cost of Kratom, factors affecting the cost, the best source to buy you Kratom, and several tactics to buy premium quality Kratom at an affordable price!

Kratom Industry Surges

Before getting on to discussing the cost of Kratom, let’s give you a brief overview of Mitragyna speciosa, aka Kratoms, and its incredible rise in the western world. Kratom is a botanical herb native to the Southeast Asian region, including Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. It is the current hot topic of the supplement industry of the modern age!

Kratom strains are classified according to vein colors, mainly red, white, and green; extracted from dried leaves and crushed into various forms like powder, teas, liquid shots, capsules, etc. Each view offers unique effects: red is an analgesic and sedative type, white offers mood stimulating and energy enhancing effects, and green offers a combo of effects of red and white. Each strain gets named according to the place of origin, i.e., where the plant was grown. For example, Malay Kratom, Thai Kratom, etc.

There is so much to know about this magical supplement, and it would be unjust to cover up everything in five minutes or less! However, if you’re through with your research, and only the costing part is left, then this article is worth your time!

Today, there are millions of regular Kratom buyers and countless providers in the US; if you consider other countries, these statistics could easily double or even triple!

However, questions like, ‘How much does Kratom cost?’ or ‘Is Kratom affordable to buy?’ always linger in the minds of consumers!

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Is Kratom Legal?

Although this is another tricky question, the answer is both yes and no!

It is legal at a federal level (US); however, many states and cities are banned; it’s illegal to buy, sell, possess or use Kratom here. States and cities that prohibit it include Alabama, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Denver (Colorado), San Diego (California), etc.

Despite its distinguished health and medicinal benefits, many native countries (Southeast Asia) have also banned it, including Thailand and Malaysia.

What Is The Average Cost Of Kratom?

This is a very difficult question to answer as the cost depends on multiple variables rather than one. Let’s look at a more in-depth analysis of the factors affecting the cost:

Product’s Potency:

The cost of Kratom varies with the type of strain; the cost increases with the potency. Potent strains are less common and pricey than common strains, which are less stronger and cheaper. Similarly, Kratom extracts and enhanced Kratom will also cost more than plain Kratom powder due to being stronger.

However, it might not affect you that much as you can still get potent strains or enhanced Kratom for even around $1 per gram. The reason is that potent products are rich in quality, and their effects last longer; hence, you can consume them in the lowest quantity and survive till the end of the month. You might spend lesser than the common, cheaper, and less potent strains out in the market!

The rarity of Strains

Availability of different strains is another factor as some strains are rare., e.g., Yellow Borneo Kratom, Green Horn Kratom, Mellow Yellow strain, etc. Their price is a bit more costly as they are rarely harvested.

Product Formulation (Capsules vs. Powder)

The overall processing required to produce a particular formulation like capsules increases the cost as it requires a lot of labor to make them; leaves (crushed into powder or tea) are cheaper than capsules.

Compared to powder sold in grams or ounces or kilograms, each capsule has a fixed amount of Kratom. Usually, Kratom capsules are sold according to pieces per packaging or bottle, i.e., as less as three capsules to up to 100 capsules. If you check the average quantity of Kratom in the capsules in the bottle, it might be less but more costly than buying a few grams of Kratom powder.

Thus, the form of product you choose does affect the price!

Product Quality

While the quality can influence the price, but the price cannot always indicate the quality of Kratom and vice versa. High-quality Kratom cannot be sold at a cheap price. Farming and cultivating practices and lab tests affect the price of Kratom.

You can consume a small dose of high-quality product (potent) and experience the same effects compared to taking large doses of low-quality product to experience the same effects. In the end, the cost might be the same, or you might even pay less for the potent product.

Product Quantity

Bulk shopping is always economically convenient—more buying, less paying. Kratom Vendors encourage you to buy more at once as stocking products can decrease potency, saving frequent shipping. The overall cost of individual packaging cost reduces when sold in bulk.

Speaking of savings, you can purchase 30 gm of Kratom powder for around $15; at the same vendor, you can buy five times that much for under $30 or even a 1000 gm for less than $120!


Although not massively associated, it does add to the overall cost of the Kratom product; high-end packaging increases the cost. Individual seal-packed pouches will be more costly in comparison to loosely packaged Kratom. 

In-house manufacturing/packaging costs more in comparison to bulk processing.

Place of Purchase (Local Shops vs., Online)

This may be the single biggest contributor affecting the cost as the cost of Kratom does vary according to the place of purchase. Instore or locally bought (including pubs, smoke shops, gas stations, convenient stores, etc.) Kratom products are much expensive compared to those bought online. The average cost of Kratom powder (per gram) is over $1, insanely expensive.

Conversely, online prices are lesser: you can buy Kratom for under $10 an ounce, which can be triple costly in local shops. Online vendors offer great deals and discounts too!

The store’s Kratom is overpriced; typically sold to cover a major portion of the overheads, including the store’s rent. 

Moreover, many variables change from area to area, including cities and states, which makes the price of Kratom vary locally.

Also, locally sold Kratom, especially at Gas stations, is usually of cheap quality, possibly expired or fake. Thus, some vendors try to be sneaky, selling either at a very cheap price or at a sky-high price!

[Note: The price of Kratom in local stores and gas stations is not regulated.]

(Quick Comparison)

FormulationCost (Online)Cost (In-store)
Kratom Powder100g for $38.5100g for $45 to $72

Kratom Capsules

50 capsules for $20.00

Variable $35-45 for 50 capsules

*These prices are quoted figuratively as an example and aren’t exact. 

Why Are Online Prices Cheaper?

Online shopping is the best source to purchase Kratom at a decent rate.

There are a few reasons for this. First, only a handful of local Kratom vendors are known in a certain area; this gives them an edge to play with prices as they know that the product is in demand and they are the only suppliers.

Secondly, local providers aim to maximize profit and have less competition to stop them. Thus online vendors offer affordable rates or deals to attract customers.

Furthermore, online vendors do not have to pay rent or running costs as compared to local providers. These expenses are reflected in the prices of their products and online; Kratom bears no such expenses! Thanks to all these reasons, shopping online is much cheaper.

Other Influential Factors

Apart from this, there are other contributing factors affecting the cost, including:

Source of Company’s Kratom:

This is a very important factor to take into consideration. The source of the origin of Kratom plays a role in the quality, which in return affects the price of Kratom.

For example, though native to Southeast Asian countries, many sellers choose to source Kratom from reputed farmers than online. Thuslocally (US) or import from other countries like Thailand or Indonesia. However, in this case, many international vendors can be sneaky into supplying low-quality or cheap Kratom strains that can be sold at higher rates after shipping charges and customs taxes are added.

Certified organically grown Hemp will have a higher price as it justifies its quality and authenticity.

Third-Party Lab Testing:

All reputable Kratom brands get their products tested for quality, purity, contaminants, potency, etc., from independent laboratories to meet all the industrial standards; this additional cost of third-party lab typically elevates the product’s cost.

Please note, all reputable brands publish third-party lab results or ‘Certificates of Analysis,’ which advocates the quality of the brand/company and thus affects the price. It also gives you a hint of the product’s standards.

Bulk Container Purchasing with Free Shipping:

The average cost of any product is less when bought in bulk, even for vendors buying or importing Kratom; as a result, the cost of the product reaching you will also be cheaper. Many times, bulk shopping exempts shipping costs as well. 

For example, the shipping cost of 500 Kgs of Kratom powder might be zero compared to getting 50 Kgs (that can be) added to the individual price of the product to meet all expenses.

Tips On Buying Kratom At Cheaper Rates

Alright, let’s help you out and make your life easier, so you don’t have to fret over stuff like ‘How much does Kratom cost?’  Here are some tips and tactics you can apply while buying your Kratom at a cheaper rate:

  1. Buy Kratom in Bulk.
  2. Utilize Coupons.
  3. Avail Free-Shipping Services.
  4. Choose high-potency products.
  5. Subscribe to newsletters to avail discounts.
  6. Purchase your Kratom from online vendors.

How to Choose a Reputable Kratom Vendor?

There are countless options when choosing Kratom vendors. However, how do you know which one is trustworthy or good?

Make sure to do your research and check online reviews thoroughly. All reputable vendors have a transparent way of dealing and provide their contact details; you can contact them to avoid getting into something sneaky!

Do keep in mind that everyone has unique body chemistry and uses a product as per their need. Some vendors offer a limited range, and some take longer to ship your product that might not fit your request; this does not mean you call out a vendor/supplier; change your vendor simply!

Good vendors have a plethora of strains or products, giving you ample options to choose from. All reputable vendors meet industrial standards and only keep premium quality products meeting those standards.

Read 5 Best Kratom Vendors: Reviews, Ratings & Analysis.

The Final Note

As you can see, the price of Kratom varies on numerous factors. Some people dislike the taste of Kratom, or Kratom tea isn’t their cup of tea! They find it much more convenient to consume capsules, even if it costs them more! Shopping from local stores is much feasible as they instantly want to get their hands on the products.

However, if you want affordable and premium quality Kratom products, online shopping is your best source of purchase! Local stores have a lot of fluctuations in prices and cannot be relied upon since there is no regulation and a question of reliability.

Good luck exploring the market and vendors to find the best fit for your needs!


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