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It’s not only important to buy a high-quality Kratom; it is equally important to know how to preserve it well! Do you know? You can improve the shelf life of Kratom by following simple steps?

All Kratom users stumble upon one common issue: how to store Kratom?

Keeping it fresh is vital to enjoy all of its fantastic effects. The miracle herb Mitragyna Speciosa is now found in many houses across the world. Thousands rely on Ketum’s magic to tackle common illnesses, relieve stress and relaxation. This is why you need to understand what can turn your Kratom bad and how to store it properly.

Let us reveal the top-secret tips to keep your Kratom safe and potent.

Keeping your Kratom Fresh

You may wonder why storing it properly is so essential?

Like any other organic substance, Mitragyna gets damaged and deteriorated when exposed to air, heat, moisture, and sunlight. It can lose its potency and even become useless if molds develop in it.

Best Ways to Store Your Kratom Powder

To understand the root problem, we will discuss the key factors and spill the beans on some of the best ways to store it. The following tips will come in handy in your fight to protect the Mitragyna.


Light has been the vital factor to consider beginning from harvesting the leaves. If Kratom is exposed to direct sunlight, the UV rays in it will cause significant damage to its alkaloid component; You may have noticed that the packaging of many edible products have printed caution to protect them from sunlight. You may even see your solid furniture or curtains fading gradually as they are continuously exposed to sunlight. Similarly, in the case of Ketum, it will alter its potency and concentration, resulting in a weaker taste and an altered scent.

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Store in a Dark Place: Try keeping your Ketum in a cool dark place like a pantry, cabinet, or refrigerator. This tip goes a long way even if you use a small amount every day; as long as you put it back in a dark, sheltered place, you can significantly improve the shelf life of this herb.


Mitragyna Speciosa is native to Southeast Asia and generally grow well under the warm setting. However, once harvested, the temperature of the place where you store it can also deteriorate its quality and potency

Store in a Cool Place: Avoid keeping your Mitragyna near the window, fireplace, or heater. Keeping it outdoors is obviously a big NO! Try keeping it in a cool cabinet away from the sunlight. In fact, many Ketum users also keep it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh as long as possible.

Atmospheric Oxygen

No matter how vital oxygen may be for you, it kills your beloved Kratom. It is the most formidable enemy of your herb, as it is the common reason behind Ketum going bad. If you mistakenly expose it to the air, you will observe that the color will start to turn pale, and Ketum will lose its original scent.

Keep in a Vacuum-sealed Container: Well, the simplest solution to this enormous problem is to keep it in a vacuum-sealed, airtight container. If you do not have such containers, use ziplock bags. Just squeeze out the excess air from the ziplock bag before locking it.


The next factor which can deteriorate the shelf life of Ketum is moisture or humidity. Whether you use leaves, powder or crushed form, moisture can cause molds to grow, which will soon turn your Ketum bad.


If you observe even a hint of mold in your Ketum, discard the entire content of that container as using bad Kratum can make you sick.

Use Airtight Container: Keeping the Kratom in an airtight container will protect it from any kind of humidity. Avoid keeping it in a humid place like a bathroom, kitchen, or garden shed. Steam from the food can make the kitchen highly humid, while the rain outside can destroy it. Thus, store it in an airtight, vacuum-sealed container and place the said container in a cool, dry place.

Some Additional Handling Guideline You Must Keep in Mind

Well, storing it properly is not the only thing to consider; how you handle your Ketum is also essential. Handling is more critical for you if you use Kratom regularly. We promise that the benefits will outweigh the little extra effort handling requires.

  • Keep a separate small container for everyday use

If you are using your Speciosa daily or on alternate days, it is not a smart idea to pull the container every time. Instead, keep the small quantity of Kratom in a separate container from the remaining bulk amount.

  • Hands and utensils must be clean and dry

Using damp utensils will ruin your product as you know that moisture can infest your Ketum with molds. Moisture renders the ketum inedible, and that is why you should use a clean, dry spoon to scoop out the required Kratom.


A word of caution if you are using a weighing scale to measure your Kratom dosage. The small extra quantity you put back in the container after weighing may as well ruin all the Kratom inside the container if it catches dirt or moisture. Thus, it is imperative to keep the weighing scale dry and clean.

All these tips and guidelines will help you keep your Ketum safe and fresh for a long time so you can enjoy its beneficial effects with better efficacy

Do you buy Kratom in bulk? Or Are you planning to resell?

Well, follow these super easy additional steps to help extend the life of your Mitragyna without compromising its potency.

  • Make smaller portions

Instead of keeping your Mitragyna in one whole pack, divide it into smaller one-time use packets. Divide the quantity according to your need. Do not forget to pack all of the portions into separate sealed and airtight containers or jars.

  • Mark and Label

After dividing each pack, you should properly mark the storage date, quantity, and strain inside the packet. This will avoid the hassle at times of need and will make sure that the one stored earlier should be consumed first than the last held.

  • Airtight, vacuum-sealed containers

Use airtight, vacuum-sealed containers to store all your Kratom. This will protect its exposure to air. Other than this, do not forget to protect the product from sunlight and air and keep it in a cool place.

To summarize, here are some of the Don’ts you need to keep in mind next time you store Kratom

  • Do not place your Kratom under direct light. Whether it is sunlight or room light, getting exposed to Ultraviolet rays is not good.
  • Use only vacuum sealed airtight containers.
  • Do not place in a hot environment.
  • Do not place any product with a strong odor near your Kratom.
  • Do not place it in a wet place. Make sure containers, utensils, and weighing scales are clean and dry.

Our goal was to ensure the longevity and efficacy of your Kratom. By adequately storing, you can achieve this purpose. Following the specific steps discussed above will improve the life of your Mitragyna and keep your product as fresh as new. Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to properly store Kratom?

Storing Mitragyna properly is important as improper storage can damage your product, which in turn will hurt your pocket. The alkaloid compound starts degrading if it is not appropriately stored. Usually, the herb remains effective for almost a month. Nevertheless, if you follow a few more steps, you can enjoy it for a much longer duration without affecting its potency.

What is the Shelf Life of Kratom?

When treated right, well-preserved kratom can stay fresh for upto six months. It loses its potential after 6 months, even if kept in an airtight bag or at a room temperature. A processed Kratom powder can last up to 8-12 weeks, and it will lose smell, flavor, color and strength of alkaloids degrade after that. This duration can even further reduce if you do not take proper care in packaging and storing it. Nevertheless, a little effort in this regard goes a long way as you can definitely improve the shelf life of Kratom by keeping in mind the few important points discussed in this article earlier.

How long can you store the Kratom?

One can store Kratom for shorter periods as well as for more extended periods. It all depends upon your choice, quantity, and consumption. Some people consume frequently, but they purchase in fewer amounts. Others tend to avail bulk discounts, so buy Ketum in larger quantities. You can store your Kratom ranging from 1 month to 1 year. However, it is advisable not to store it for more than 6-8 months as it loses its quality, potency, and strength with time.

What are the Signs That Your Kratom Has Gone Bad?

The techniques and points we have discussed above will make sure that your Mitragyna is unharmed and fresh. However, it may get bad and stale due to many reasons, and thus it is highly recommended not to use Kratom that has gone bad. That is why you need to know when your Mitragyna has deteriorated. It is simple to identify a deteriorated product. Pale color, weak scent, visible mold, unfreshness will help you quickly recognize that are the indicators that your Kratom has gone bad.


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