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  • Each batch of Green Elephant Kratom is third-party lab-tested for heavy metals and overall purity
  • Crushed in 100 microns fast-acting grinder
  • The Mitragyna leaves we use for our Green Elephant powder is free from chemicals and pesticide
  • We handpick only juicy young leaves from mature trees
  • Active alkaloids are well-preserved in drying and grinding process
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Green Elephant Kratom is a hybrid of both White and Red Elephant kratom. The plant shares the best features of both varieties, which makes it quite extraordinarily exceptional. Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloids cover most of the alkaloid profile with their concentrated presence and make the strain extremely strong and potent.

 Cultivation and rarity of Green Elephant Kratom

Unlike other kratom strains, Elephant Kratom is few and far between and is not found outside the borders of Ketapang, Jong Kong, and Sumatra Island. The hot, humid weather and frequent heavy rain episodes help produce the mighty leaves and unique chemical makeup of the Green Elephant strain. Seasoned farmers pick each leaf by hand and make sure none of the leaves have any bruises or blemishes. After deep cleaning the leaves with water, they are sun-dried with a cloth covering to keep the dust particles at bay.

Later, the stem is removed, and the rest of the plant matter is used to make super-soft powders (both in loose form and encapsulated), potent tinctures, and aromatic extracts.

What’s unique about Green Elephant Kratom Powder?

Green Elephant is like a 2 in 1 offer for all those who love the strong effects of both Red and White kratom strains. It is nervousness-relieving and sedative, just like a red elephant variety and produces energetic, mood-boosting, and euphoric effects like a white elephant kratom. You can enjoy its hearty flavor with the hints of earthy notes by making a delicious cup of kratom tea.

 Why Naya Kratom for all your Kratom needs?

At Naya Kratom, we follow GMP standards for manufacturing products and conduct extensive third-party lab tests to ensure that you get premium and top-of-the-line kratom products at unbeatable prices. Our double-layered, vacuum-packed bags do not let air, moisture, and heat intervene with the powder’s potency and freshness and make storing trouble-free for you.

Place your order at Naya, and relish the effects of Green Elephant Kratom powder, directly sourced from its native land!

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