White Vietnam Kratom Powder


  • Highest quality, cheaply priced and finely ground
  • Each batch of White Vietnam Kratom is third-party lab-tested for heavy metals and overall purity
  • Crushed in 100 microns fast-acting grinder
  • The Mitragyna leaves we use for our Vietnam White powder is free from chemicals and pesticide
  • We handpick only juicy young leaves from mature trees
  • Active alkaloids are well-preserved in the drying and grinding process
  • Mega-fast shipping for online orders
  • Get Free samples on order of $50 or more

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White Vietnam kratom has grabbed the attention of fans worldwide because of its remarkable properties and energizing effects. The central vein of Speciosa leaves white that imparts white color to strain and is thus named so. It fights fatigue, builds immunity, and boosts stamina, making it worth keeping around always. It is the variant that you always keep looking to help you maintain focus and energy. 

Where Is It Grown And Cultivated?

Plantation and growth of the robust strain white Vietnam occur in the dense forests of Vietnam, along the bank of the Mekong river. The mineral-rich soil and climatic humidity contribute to the potency of leaves and the richness of alkaloid content that makes it a potent strain. 

After cultivation, leaves are sent for drying in the air in large dark halls, where leaves are spread over the floor. Care should be taken to prevent dust and pollens that contaminate the leaves. After that, leaves are sent to manufacturing units for further processing. 

Distinguishing Characteristics Of White Vietnam

Every feature is unique and special in terms of the user’s results and experiences. 


It has a relatively sweetish taste compared to other strains that make it easier to swallow and sip tea till the last drop. 


The texture is smooth and slips when held between fingers. 


The aroma is soil-like and mossy that travels through your nostrils to the brain and refreshes it. 

Buying Guide

Owing to its rarity and area of origin, it comes in limited stock, and not every vendor has it. But the question arises from where should I buy authentic kratom? The answer is, you should do a little research yourself about online and local stores. Mostly, it is unavailable at local stores. For online purchases, you should know the reliability of vendors by checking reviews on different sites, asking your friends, checking their lab test reports, and whether they follow AKA guidelines. 

Why Should You Choose Naya Kratom?

Naya kratom offers you original products with a money-back guarantee. They maintain purity by third-party lab testing revealing zero contaminants, pathogens, and heavy metals. The powder is finely grounded into 100 microns with a fast-acting grinder. 

These are kept free of pesticides and chemicals during their growth. Shipping is the fastest, and free samples on orders above $50. 


Vietnam Kratom grows in the mineral-rich soils of Vietnam and has become famous for its nonsedative and analgesic effects. You can get it online by placing an order after checking the merchant’s credibility and from a distinguished local store. 

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