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Yellow Papua New Guinea is a newer and rarer kratom strain due to its less production in the fields. The leaves of yellow PNG have an intricate collection of veins with a central yellow vein which is ground to a fine, smooth powder to yield different products. 

What To Look For In Yellow Papua Kratom Before Buying?


Yellow PNG comes from the lush green forests of Indonesia and New Guinea, rich in the production of mitragyna speciosa. The humid environment and fertile soil of this region suit the best for producing potent species of the mitragyna family. 


Yellow strains taste relatively sweetish and cherish the taste buds when touched with the tongue, compared to other strains, which are bitter. 


Plantation and production in the jungles of Indonesia give a gentle aroma of grass and moss that signifies its origin in the fertile and mineral-rich land that maintains the freshness of leaves. 


Color varies according to the central vein of that particular strain. Its leaves have a yellow vein that is quite rare and difficult to find. When ground to powder, it puts on the bright yellow hue that specifies this strain. 


Pricing is diverse according to the brand and strain. Find out the brand that sells high-quality ketum at reasonable prices. You can purchase yellow Papua in the range of $8.95 – 134.95 at Naya Kratom. 

Key Features Of the Strain

  • It uplifts mood and positive feelings
  • It stimulates the body and mind and gives energy
  • At high doses, it acts as a relaxant
  • It is an excellent analgesic and stress reliever

Yellow Papua Kratom Dosage

The dosage recommendations fluctuate according to the color and type of strain you are using. For yellow New Guinea, the following dose ranges are most appropriate.

  • 2 – 3 grams for mild effects
  • 3 – 5 grams for moderate effects
  • 5 – 7 grams for more potent effects

It is not advised to exceed the dosage above 15 grams as it may provoke nausea, dizziness, and other serious adverse events. 

Buying Guide

One must explore options before choosing a store for purchasing ketum. You can ask your friends or relatives about the best place to buy Kratom. You can read the reviews of customers at google maps and yelp and choose a store. You must visit the official site and check lab test reports and ask for them before buying. 

Why Should You Trust Naya Kratom?

  • They supply pure and organic kratum 
  • They are AKA GMP compliant merchants
  • Regular lab testing of every batch is ensured
  • Prices are cheaper
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • The powder is smooth and ultra finely ground


If you are a ketum novice, yellow Papua is the best strain to keep you going. You will encounter all the charm of ketum strains without experiencing any adverse outcome. 

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