Green Kalimantan Kratom Powder


  • Highest quality, cheaply priced, and finely ground
  • Each batch of Green Kalimantan Kratom is third-party lab-tested for heavy metals and overall purity
  • Crushed in 100 microns fast-acting grinder
  • The Mitragyna leaves we use for our Green Kalimantan powder is free from chemicals and pesticide
  • Mega-fast shipping for online orders

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Whether you want to power through a stressful lifestyle or enhance productivity with renewed energy, look no further than our Green Kalimantan Kratom Powder. This exclusive herbal blend originates from an Indonesian region, Kalimantan, located in West Borneo. At Naya Kratom, the semi-mature Kalimantan Green leaves are handpicked by trusted farmers and then washed of debris and dirt. Before being crushed into powdered form, the leaves undergo an extensive drying session.

What makes our Green Kalimantan Kratom so unique is its balanced alkaloid profile (Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine) that gives you a powerful kratom experience.

Our very rare Green Kalimantan Kratom combines the characteristics of both Red and White Kali Kratom. It provides a harmonious blend of relaxation and energy and, at the same time, delivers a subtle sense of calmness.

So, why wait? It’s time to kick-start your kratom journey with our next-level strain – Green Kalimantan Kratom Powder. We make sure that you’re getting a premium-quality product that is contaminant-free (lab-tested).

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