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The rare Kratom Strain, Green Papua New Guinea, originates in the second largest Island of the world, ‘New Guinea Island,’ which comprises the Indonesian region and New Guinea to its west and east. Papua Ketum requires a humid, subtropical, and rainy environment that favors the growth of Mitragyna trees. 

Key Features Of The Green New Guinea Kratom

Papua ketum, like other strains, is rich in Alkaloids such as mitragynine and 7- hydroxymitragynine, but what makes it unique and rare is the presence of tryptamines along with them. These elements are responsible for producing apparent effects in people. 

  • The analgesic function is more pronounced after taking Green PNG because it suppresses receptors. 
  • The levels of dopamine increase by green New Guinea, thus calms down the body and relaxes the mind.
  • It boosts energy and helps you keep focusing on your goals and ambitions.
  • Green PNG naturally detoxifies the body and soothes the stomach, and helps it move at a higher pace.

What To Look For In Kratom Before Purchase?

Sourcing Region

The region from where we yield green Papua ketum is Papua New Guinea Island, where it is planted and cultivated for the profitable growth of this strain in an adequate environment. The sourcing area is incredibly significant to find out the quality of the products. 

Vein Color

Color plays a vital role in determining the outcomes you will get after using a Kratom strain. The green hue comes from the neutrality of red and white, so one can expect to have both red and white PNG results. 


The price of Green PNG is approximately $8.95 – $134.95, which is affordable and inexpensive compared to other merchants. 

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How To Properly Care For Your PNG Kratom?

When you purchase Kratom, you should know the directions for using and storing ketum in your house. 

  • Keep the bag away from moisture
  • Don’t store at high temperatures
  • Once you open the seal, keep it away from dust and pathogens
  • Keep Green New Guinea away from the reach of children

If you’re interested in natural supplements, our category of Kratom Powder might have just what you’re looking for. This section includes a variety of strains to help you find the perfect match for your needs. Our products are carefully sourced and prepared to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Tea Preparation Instructions

For preparing tea from Green Papua New Guinea Kratom powder, you have to boil water in a kettle. Now add the prescribed amount of PNG Powder into it and stir with a spoon until it thoroughly blends with water. Pour a hot refreshing ketum tea into a cup and enjoy it sip by sip. 

Why Trust The Naya Kratom?

Trusting a vendor takes a long time and a lot of good reviews by the customers. Naya Kratom revolutionized the market and also has won many hearts of active green PNG consumers. Few reasons for the belief are: 

  • They sell lab-tested products
  • Labeling is thorough on the package
  • No adulterants present
  • Organic and pure products 


New Guinea Kratom is new to the ketum industry and hence is more famous and on the nerves of enthusiasts. Despite its significant analgesic effects, it also mildly sedates the body and gives the energy to perform daily tasks. 

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