Is Kratom Safe To Use Daily

Kratom, also commonly and biologically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is an all-rounder herb type plant that grows on the grounds of Southeast Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia.

Some strains that are exported from these origins are extremely rare and unique. It depends on the demand and suitability through which the infrequent strains and grown and sent to different parts of the world.

The countries in which authentic kratom grows favor the environment that is needed for the herb to completely survive and perish in. This counts in the optimum environmental temperature, soil pH, amount of rainfall and humidity.

Growing authentic kratom under these circumstances promotes its better growth and if good quality seeds are used, the collaboration results in some really good and effective strains to be produced.

The natives of Southeast Asia have been using kratom as a healing herb since the nineteenth century. Being close to nature is one of the greatest gifts a person can give to themselves. Indulging in the consumption of natural products not only provides benefits but also causes no harmful long-term side effects.

Kratom is believed to have curative and restorative properties and also a little bit of everything to make your life better. The presence of biological components and active alkaloids like mitragynine and 7hydroxymitragynine encourage further healing of the body.

The best fact about kratom is that it works well for both physical health as well as mental well-being.

Along with boosting up the immune system and helping with diarrhea, diabetes, lung function, kidney conditions and respiratory illnesses, kratom also increases mental alertness, motivation and focus.

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It helps to combat uneasiness, nervousness, mood enhancement and also removes fatigue. Kratom is popular amongst the labor class as they find it a great way to get rid of exhaustiveness after a tiring day and also use it for comfortable sleep at night.

The point raised about safety of kratom strains largely depends on the dosage taken. Smaller amounts of kratom help with giving the same effects and results as larger doses. Low doses (2g-5g) can be taken as starters and if desired results are not achieved then the dosage can be increased slowly.

If the quality of the strains is amazing, then lower doses will be sufficient. Any dose that exceeds 8g will be considered as a higher dose. Excess of everything is bad. This also applies to natural things as overuse of them can cause negative results.

Overuse of kratom can result in unwanted circumstances like nausea, vomiting, dizziness and in worst cases, unconsciousness. It is better to manage and monitor the amount of kratom taken so that there is no difficulty afterwards.

Apart from dosage, kratom is a great herb that can be used and is completely safe as well. The authenticity of kratom solely depends on the vendor and the source from where kratom on sale is bought.

If the vendor is genuine and careful about what they are selling, the strains and products they sell are likely to be authentic and genuine.

With the extensive selling of kratom online, there have also been an increase in fraud pages that tend to sell fake kratom powder under artificial colors with false names and unreliable lab reports. They are of no use and sheer wastage of money.

An authentic vendor will always give full details about the origin of kratom along with the different names that kratom might be known as.

The most important thing on their page would be lab reports that justify how those products have undergone laboratory tests and alkaloid tests that make them safe to use.

Though more research and studies should be cemented to help confirm a lot of the century-old findings, here are at least 10 things you should know now about kratom:

Kratom is a tropical tree (Mitragyna speciosa) native to Southeast Asia,

with leaves that contain compounds that can have psychotropic and physical effects/benefits. Two compounds in kratom leaves, mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxymitragynine, interact with opioid receptors in the brain, producing sedation, a better mood, energy, and decreased discomfort (based on the amount taken).

Kratom is legal in some countries and is illegal in some countries.

It depends on the place you live in. In many places, Kratom is legal. There are only several states in the United States that have a strict ban on Kratom and anything related to it. The situation might change as more and more researchers are working on finding the health benefits.

Kratom has unique research and medicinal purpose and once scientists prove this fact, Kratom might become available around the world. CLICK HERE to view a list of states in the United States where it is legal/illegal.

It is not recommended that you consume for recreational purposes or if you have an addictive personality

Because (as with anything) it can be abused and therefore would affect the daily fight that many are involved in when it comes to keeping/getting it legal for those who utilize it for medical/health-related reasons.

Though Kratom works on the same receptors as narcotics do and is similar to an opioid, kratom is from nature with zero chemicals in it. Therefore, it will NEVER be like narcotics when it comes to the side effects and mental reaction.

If you are pursuing kratom with the intention of “getting high”, it will fall miserably short to your expectations (you will be very disappointed). Though many report euphoria when taking it, that is almost always due to them having taken too much in the first place. You can abuse anything. You can become dependent on anything (coffee, sugar, energy drinks, candy, etc).

Point: Don’t make kratom look bad because you have no self-control.

Those who actually take it because they are in trouble; suffering from uneasiness and nervousness. they are the ones we are fighting kratom’s legality. THEY are the ones who truly suffer when someone abuses the benefits of it that results in it getting banned in certain areas.

Kratom has been known to help

Kratom helps with drug/opiate withdrawal, increasing energy, reduce stress, relaxation, decrease inflammation, help better your workout routine, help you sleep, and more.

It gives you a slight “high” feeling

Not like a marijuana high nor a narcotic high, but only when you consume too much of it. Best way to describe the mental effects is that it helps to give you a slightly more motivated mindset.

There are side effects to kratom, which usually occur when you take too much of it.

Depending on your dosage and frequency of use, it can have little to no side effects if you follow common recommendations. If you overdose or use low-quality Kratom product, you might experience a number of side effects, Nausea or stomach disturbance is one of the most common.

Other possible drawbacks are anxiety (many claims to get anxiety from marijuana too), fast tolerance increase, insomnia, poor memory, and weak immunity. As with anything, some people might have an uncommon reaction to kratom.

It is important that you know your body, know what things you are typically more sensitive to (like caffeine, etc), and start out with a very small dose.

Many people believe it is expensive, but in reality, it’s quite budget-friendly.

It depends on Kratom strains, quality, and the type of products you choose. The higher strains that are known for their powerful health benefits are a bit more expensive. These strains help to relieve various discomfort and nervousness.

If you don’t need the powerful effects, you can opt for any budget-friendly Kratom strain. The price also greatly depends on the form of it. If you want enhanced extracts or capsules, be ready to pay more. You can save some cash if you buy in bulk.

Also keep in mind that vendors who have business practices in place, such as a GMP compliant warehouse/clean room, with tested kratom, tend to charge more because implementing all of those business practices cost most.

What Does Potentiating Kratom Mean?

Potentiating is a well-known method to boost the effects of Kratom by adding certain ingredients. Many believe mixing it into a citrus drink will increase the effects. It is not recommended, but it is done by many.

Do not take it with medication without asking your doctor.

Never mix Kratom with other drugs and medications as it might lead to serious seizures and even death. To sum up, It can be beneficial and harmful at the same time.

It depends on how you take it, so be careful and consult a medical provider to determine the healthy dosage for you. Keep in mind that most doctors will automatically say no to kratom because of the very little medical research that has been done on it. Keep an open mind, know your body, and research the medicine that you are already taking.

How much should you take?

 Depending on the dosage you take, you might experience a varied set of the effects in various intensities. The recommended dosage is 0.5 grams to 2.0 grams. If you do not feel any benefits, most likely something already in your system is affecting the way your body is responding. For example, many reports not receiving any kratom effects when they were on antidepressants or uneasiness meds.

Majority of people report not feeling any kratom effects if they have narcotics/hard drugs in their system. Too many things working on the receptors for kratom to get through. Majority report having the best benefits when it is one of the only things in their system.

Everything in moderation is key. Read more articles here on our blog. We cover a variety of key topics amongst kratom consumers as well as hot kratom news stories.


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