Enhance Kratom Effects With Potentiators

Have Kratom either as a tea or just toss and wash to immerse in another world where serenity and calmness prevails. Kratom, the magical herb, has been known for its marvelous effects, which a regular user doesn’t need to be reminded but can the results be modified to make them last longer, or can the effects be made stronger? If you are that Kratom user who is surfing the internet looking for potentiators or avidly typing ‘How to enhance kratom effects with potentiators,’ you definitely have landed at the right place at the right time.

Let’s jump-start the ride without beating about the bush.

Before we dive into the sea of countless kratom potentiators, let us see what a enhancer is? Many regular Speciosa users might have sighed as they already know what a potentiator is, but let us not forget the beginners who are gathering information to make their Speciosa journey worthwhile.

What Is A Kratom Potentiator?

As the name suggests, potentiator or enhancer is anything that can enhance or potentiate the effects of Mitragyna; in other words, any substance that can be added to the Kratom to make it stronger and last longer.

But do these potentiators work? Or are they just a marketing gimmick?

There is no doubt that potentiators are legit!!

Not only the enhancer can strengthen the effect, but they can also prolong the impact. It all comes down to how you use these enhancers.

However, due to commercialization, you may find some products in the market claiming to alter your Kratom effects only to get some bucks from you in return for giving no positive results. So it is better to avoid these scams!

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You will be surprised to know that enhancers are not some fancy substances showcase in elite supermarkets; instead, these are sitting in your kitchen cabinets while you are reading about them. In other words, substances that enhance the Kratom effects are not expensive; they are natural, everyday ingredients.

How To Enhance Kratom Effects With Potentiators

Mitragyna, the Southeast Asian herb, has been blessed with the power of mesmerizing the users. Not only the person using Ketum becomes its fan, but he also wants to have a regular supply to feel the same way. But there may be times when your Kratom is not sufficient for you, or you may want to save some kratom by using a little at a time; in such cases, potentiators are your best friends.

But the question persists… What are the best kratom potentiators?

Let us take a peek at your fruit basket, does it have grapefruit or oranges?

Voila! You just a kratom enhancer!

1. Grapefruit

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are loaded with vitamin C, thus packed with potential enhancing abilities.  These fruits’ acidic nature helps with Kratom’s absorption more wholly and readily, consequently strengthening the overall effects.

How To Use It?

Mix grapefruit juice or orange juice with your daily kratom dose, or you can toss ketum in your mouth and wash down with a glass of citrus juice.

Pro tip

Grapefruit is a stronger potentiator than lemons and oranges!


  • You don’t have to buy it separately; citrus fruits are a part of the grocery list.
  • The best thing about these potentiators is: these are FRUITS!


  • Fruit juices may not be a suitable choice for those who don’t like fruits.
  • Some people may not like the mildly bitter taste that grapefruit has.

2. Tumeric Powder

Ever wondered why your grandma asked you to have turmeric when you got a wound as a child?

Because it is loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants that helps heal you. These components not only reserve it for wound healing but also help in enhancing the effects of mitragyna. Not only turmeric potentiates the impact but also prolongs them.

How To Use It?

Some people prefer mixing Ketum with turmeric in a capsule to avoid Kratum and Tumeric’s bitter taste. In contrast, others prefer adding a pinch of turmeric to their cup of Kratom tea.

Pro tip

Mix turmeric and black pepper with mitragyna to further potentiate the effects. A lesser-known fact is that black pepper has piperine, which prevents the premature digestion of the alkaloids found in mitragyna.


  • Check your kitchen cabinets; you definitely have this one!
  • Turmeric fights against the inflammatory processes in your body, hence imparting medicinal benefits.
  • Longer shelf life.


  • Some may not like its taste or smell.

3. Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw is a nervousness-relieving, anti-inflammatory herb that also has anti-viral potential. It contains similar alkaloids to ketum; therefore, when this herb is taken with Ketum, it can intensify and prolong its effects.


  • Cat’s claw also helps with gastrointestinal disorders.


  • Less commonly known than other potentiators.
  • Less readily available as compared to others.
  • It cannot be taken if the surgery is planned in the next 2 weeks.
  • It cannot be taken if the user is taking blood-thinning drugs.

4. Valerian Root

Valerian root, often known as nature’s Valium, is best if you are willing to enhance the relaxing effects of kratum. Valerian root has been used for treating sleep disorders, such as insomnia and also nervousness. When this herb, Valerian root, is combined with Mitragyna, the two herbs’ enzymes create magic and take you into the world or relaxation, relief, and serenity. Valium root potentiates Kratom’s effects and prolongs the duration, especially the relaxing effect of Ketum.

How To Use It?

Either mix the two in a pill or steep some valerian roots while brewing a cup of Mitragyna tea.


  • The relaxing effects of Valerian roots are unparalleled.
  • It can help with insomnia and stress.
  • Lesser-known potentiator as compared to others.
  • May cause headache, dizziness, and stomach problems in some users.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent potentiator of ketum, which is most likely sitting on your kitchen shelf at the moment. Adding it to Kratom helps in strengthening the ketum’s effect as the acid of ACV increases the absorbability through the stomach lining and delays the metabolism of Mitragyna, consequently enhancing and prolonging the effects.

How to use ACV?

You can either add ACV to your ketum tea or toss your regular ketum dose and wash it down with ACV. You can also gulp down ACV with a kratom pill.


  • Readily available.
  • Improves digestive health.


  • Tangy taste- may not please the palate much!
  • May lead to stomach upset.

6. Akuamma Seed

Akuamma seed is a potential enhancer of Kratom. It is a natural nervousness-reliever that, when combined with Kratom, multiplies the positive effects. The alkaloids of Akuamma seeds join hands with the alkaloids of Mitragya to give a strong gist to the user; however, it doesn’t prolong the duration of effects.

How To Take It?

Crush the Akuamma seeds and mix them with your kratom dose.


  • It enhances the effects but does not prolong them, so ideal for those who want short-lived but intense effects.
  • It can be crushed and pre-mixed with kratom powder.


  • Less readily available.
  • Not-so-palatable/bitter taste.
  • Difficult to grind as the seeds are too tiny to be crushed easily.

7. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile, more known as chamomile tea, helps in breaking down Kratom alkaloids for rapid absorption and delays metabolism to prolong the duration of action.

How To Take It?

Add chamomile tea to kratom tea, or toss and wash kratom with this potentiating cup of tea.


  • Readily available.
  • It helps with insomnia and puts the user to sleep.


  • Best to avoid taking it white- and green-veined mitragyna as these strains with chamomile might give contrasting effects.
  • Sedative combination.

8. Caffeine

Do you remember that Mitragyna and coffee belong to the same family? They are COUSINS!

The way caffeine charges your brain, it super-charges the kratom too. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks help with the absorption of alkaloids of ketum and keep the alkaloids in the system longer than usual.

Coffee also helps alter the bitter taste of Mitragyna, so if you are a coffee-lover, you may want to try this!

How To Take It?

Gulp caffeine pills with kratom tea, or mix Kratom with caffeine pills. You can also toss Ketum dose and wash it down your food pipe with a cup of strong coffee.


  • An everyday item- definitely in your pantry at the moment.
  • Pleases the palate of the coffee-lovers.


  • May give powerful stimulating effects with white-veined Ketum, caution is warranted.
  • Excess of this combination may cause agitation and jitteriness in certain users.
  • May increase heart rate when excessively taken.

9. Magnesium

I have developed tolerance to my kratom dose; what should I do?

The answer is to try Magnesium. Magnesium, when taken with ketum, fights the tolerance and gives the same effects as the user was getting without the need to increase the dose, thereby preventing an overdose. Magnesium is an effective way to make Kratom stronger.

How To Take It?

Mix Magnesium Taurate with kratom or blend magnesium-rich foods, such as bananas, avocados, and figs with kratom to prepare a magical smoothie!


  • Magnesium-rich foods are readily available and are a part of the usual grocery.
  • Bananas and other such rich items give a pleasant taste to an otherwise bitter Mitragyna.


  • Magnesium is not for beginners and naïve users. Reserved for experienced and healthy individuals ONLY.
  • May increase the heart rate in naïve individuals or unhealthy users such as those with hypertension and heart failure.

The list of potentiators can go on and on. To avoid an exhaustive list, we have penned down a few efficient enhancers such as caffeine, chamomile, ACV, Valerian root, etc. Other options include: taking kratom on an empty stomach to enhance rapid absorption, as the stomach will not be occupied by the tasty food and will have all the space available for your kratom dose. Another potentiator, but a weaker one, is Watercress, ultra-hydrated lettuce, which, when taken with Kratom, might mildly strengthen the impact.

With all this information, you might be wondering, which one should I take to potentiate my kratom?

The answer is not as easy as ABC. Some may like one enhancer, which others may completely disregard. So an honest answer is: keep on experimenting with them until your body says


A trial and error will definitely introduce the best potentiator for you!

Happy strengthening!


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