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I think I speak for all when I say that I want the best and the most efficient kratom on the market.

But in an industry with little controls and a lot of misleading advertisements, it is easy to fall prey to brands that use subpar production and extraction processes.

That’s why Kratom Wave has set on a passion project to provide high-quality kratom to those who want to feel healthy, happy, and vibrant through a natural, holistic approach.

About KratomWave

Kratom Wave started as a local shop in Austin, Texas in 2012. Owing to its booming popularity, it expanded to online business in 2017, to offer everyone the same top-notch products that their local customers fell in love with.

Kratom industry is an ever-changing market. To keep up with the growing herbal supplement business, one has to continuously expand their inventory and offer new products.

Kratom Wave realizes this, and thus is working currently to expand its inventory with new items like CBD oils, etc.

Products Highlight

Kratom Wave has all the basic strains and vein colors of kratom. It comes in 3 forms:

  • Powder
  • Capsules
  • Extracs

Kratom powder can be bought in the amounts of 50g, 100g, 250g,500g, and 1000g. Below each product, you find you will find all the information you need to know about it: origin, milling, and grinding process, safety and testing information, and the particular effects produced by it.

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1) Kratom Powder

Not only all the basic but a few rare strains of kratom are available on the website. These are:

They are having a sale at the moment, and you get 50g of most of the powdered strains for $9.99, 100g for $19.99, 250g for $34.60, 500g for $64.20, and 1000g for $109.99. Ultra Indo comes at the price of $29.99 for 50g, $64.20 for 250g, and $99.20 for 500g. So, don’t miss this opportunity!

2) Kratom Capsules For A Precise Dose Every Time

Thanks to Kratom Wave, you don’t have to guess and measure the dose of kratom over and over again. Their 100 and 500-count jars pack 50 grams of kratom per capsule. You get the choice of selecting from:

  • White Meng Da
  • Green Meng Da
  • Red Meng Da

The only problem is that once you use them, you will wish there were more options to try out. But don’t worry, Kratom Wave is continuously innovating new ideas and products.

3) Kratom Extracts Pack A Punch

For experienced users, who want to take it up the notch, Kratom Wave’s kratom extracts are a perfect choice. At the moment, there is a BOGO offer on buying 1 gram of their 20x kratom extract (20:1).

Recently, a liquid form of kratom is gaining popularity among many consumers. If you are one of them, Kratom Wave has a product for you too. Try their ‘Hush liquid kratom shots’ that you can buy as a single bottle or a pack of 3 or 5 bottles.

Kratom Sample Packs

These are great for beginners who want to try out various kratom strains to find the one that suits them the best. Or maybe you have experience of using kratom in the past and want to look into different options now.

Kratom Wave offers 5 sample packs for your needs, whether you are suffering from discomfort, or sleep problems. Four of these packs contain 150 grams of 3 different powdered kratom strains. While one of them has 3 jars of kratom capsules having 100 pieces in each container.


The # 1 selling product at Kratom Wave is Enhanced Ultra Indo, also known as UEI. It is a strong daytime combination produced by mixing raw kratom extract resin with White Indonesian (Indo) kratom powder, that customers strongly endorse in TrustPilot reviews. Their Meng Da capsules are also trending.

Plus, their Red Bali is a massive hit with customers, who seek kratom for an evening vibe. It’s a much deeper red than other strains, with an aroma that stands all on its own.

Table Of Contents

  1. About KratomWave
  2. Products Highlight
  3. Kratom Sample Packs
  4. Bestsellers
  5. Kratom Wave tests is a verified brand
  6. Shipping, payment methods, and return policy
  7. Kratom Wave gives back to its customers
  8. How active are they on social media?
  9. How are the customer reviews?
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Kratom Wave Tests Is A Verified Brand

All of their products undergo third-party lab testing to ensure that you receive nothing but the best. One of the criteria to keep in mind while checking out a kratom brand is GMP verification.

Kratom Wave follows all the requirements laid out by the AKA’s Good Manufacturing Program. This means that it complies with all the strict manufacturing and processing standards to set your safety and confidence as a priority. Now, it’s just waiting for a qualified auditor to inspect its facilities to move forward with certification.

They have quite a few awards and certifications to boast about. They have been recognized as a Trusted Vendor on Kratomaton and recently been upgraded to Approved Vendor status at There are also many mentions and reviews about their company on popular kratom blogs.

Shipping, Payment Methods, And Return Policy

1) Payment Methods

Kratom wave accepts payments through Venmo, CashApp, BitCoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zelle, ACH / e-Check, Money Order, and Personal Check.

2) Shipping

Kratom Wave ships all orders via Priority Mail from USPS (will take 3-5 business days) and USPS Priority Express Mail (takes 1-2 business days).

They also offer, on request, UPS Next Day Air. This option ensures your order will be delivered by 10:30 am the next day.
For all orders above $50, you are awarded free shipping.

3) Return Policy

Most online vendors allow for a 30days return guarantee. Kratom Wave is exceptionally lenient in this regard and has a 90days return policy in case you are not 100% satisfied with their products (which is highly unlikely). This way you can take your time to see if Kratom Wave is the perfect brand for you.

Kratom Wave Gives Back To Its Customers

1) Rewards Program

It values and appreciates its customers in many ways. For a start, you can join ‘Wave Rewards’ – VIP email list offering discounts and deals. On joining, you automatically earn 50 points. For every dollar that you spend on the store, you get an extra point. Every 50 points save you a dollar on redeeming.

2) Free Samples

Every now and then, Kratom Wave gives away free samples. Isn’t this such a great news? To know when the next samples will be available, join their mailing list.

3) Multiple Strains For A Kilo

Mix and match is allowed! On ordering at least 1 kilo kratom pack, you can choose to get up to 3 different strains. Just leave instructions in the ‘order notes’ on how you would like your order divided up.

How Active Are They On Social Media?

Kratom Wave has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest where it interacts with its customers and gets valuable feedback to morph its services according to popular opinion. It also posts informative blogs on kratom regularly.

How Are The Customer Reviews?

Regular customers of Kratom Wave swear by their products’ credibility. Most of them find it convenient, and safe, plus the return policy is amazing.

They have 4.6 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot. The majority of the reviews praise the company for its products quality, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

Every person who interacts with their store is treated with respect and taken care of to the fullest extent. Need a tracking number early? It will be taken care of. Or maybe you need to go over the specific pros + cons of a particular strain. No problem, they have trained staff to provide you with the best customer service ever.


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