Vaping Kratom

The rapidly pacing world and introduction of new technologies make it very hard to keep track of safe and unsafe among them. Vaping is a new form of smoking, and many people opt for vaping Kratom as well but are these everyday activities safe for you? 

What is Vaping?

Vaping is a process of inhaling vapors and smoke with the help of an electric cigarette, or you can also call it the Vaporizer.

A cartridge is attached to the vaporizer, which converts the liquid within it to vapors and people inhale it.

The Cartridges have different flavors and liquids have different compositions. The most commonly used ones are the nicotine ones with different tastes.

How to Vape Kratom?

Mitragynine speciosa, the famous popularly growing Wonder Herb, is now a part of many people’s daily routine. Enthusiasts are always finding new and better ways to make the wonderfulness kick in. How do you vape Kratom? The answer is there are two ways to do it.

Herbal Vaporizers

Herbal vaporizers are specific, as the name suggests, for Herbs and dry content. The vaporizers heat the herb up to 200 degrees Celsius and convert it into smoke and vapors inhaled by the consumers. With the growing Kratom industry, you can now find herbal vaporizers specifically designed for Kratom.

E-Cigarettes and Liquid Vaporisers

The advantage liquid Vaporisers hold over the herbal ones is that consumers can choose added flavors and mask the bitter Kratom taste. The primary purpose of vaping was to add fruity flavors to the smoke making it delightful.

To use liquid Vaporisers, you will have to buy Kratom vape extract with additives that help the herb convert into vapors efficiently. The Kratom vape extracts may also be referred to as Kratom infused vape juice.

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What is Kratom-infused Vape Juice?

Kratom vape extract is a relatively new product and not so easy to find and know if it’s the best quality. However, there are some content and additives that suggest that the extract or juice is of the best quality.

  • Propyl glycol.
  • Vegetable Glycerol.
  • Nitro amides.
  • Alkaloids.
  • Acetaldehyde.
  • Artificial Flavors.

Keep in mind what kind of allergies you have or any other predisposing conditions that any additives may trigger.

Are Kratom Vape Juices expensive?

To cut to the chase, yes, they are costly and hard to find. But don’t worry; there are methods to turn simple Kratom extracts into vape juice by adding the additives we discussed earlier.

The essential elements required for vaporizing the herb are Propyl glycol and Vegetable glycerol. Flavors are essential, too, as they are needed to mask the unwanted Kratom taste.

Making your own Kratom Vape Juice

  • If you have Kratom Extract, it’s easy to make juice as you have to mix Propyl Glycerol and Vegetable glycerol in the same ratio that is half and half, and add the extract according to your liking and taste.
  • If you have only Kratom powder, the process is a little lengthy. Add your desired amount of Kratom powder to the Vape juice and let it infuse for some time. Now strain the liquid using a microfilter or a piece of cloth.

What Happens when you Vape Kratom?

Vaping Kratom is no different from other forms of vaping. It holds the same benefits and disadvantages as smoking other compounds. The main difference that smoking or vaping makes are that they don’t have to pass through the digestive system and are directly introduced into the lungs and the circulation, making the effects much more potent and quicker.

Kratom, however, is said that when vaporized to 175-200 degrees Celsius, much of its alkaloid content starts to break, making vaporization a little hard on its natural composition.

Is Kratom Vaping Safe?

The amount of evidence collected till now is not sufficient to provide a simple yes and no answer. However, if you have a lung condition or worry about your respiratory system, then vaping anything is not a good option for you.

Here are two lists of Pros and Cons of Vaping the Indonesian herb. The final decision is for the reader to make.

Advantages of Vaping Kratom

  • It masks the bitter taste
  • It gives rapid and robust effects
  • It is Portable and easy to use
  • It looks modern
  • You get to choose the flavors

Disadvantages of Vaping Kratom

  • Destroys and changes half of the kratom composition
  • Can predispose you to lung conditions
  • It can cause throat and lung injuries
  • It can cause hypoxia

One thing to keep in mind is not only Kratom but vaping or smoking any content like nicotine is harmful and not recommended by most health experts.

Better ways for Kratom Consumption

The main concern among users is the bitter taste, and most of the time, vaping and e-cigs are a way to mask it. We are here to provide you with healthy alternatives that may help you get your desired taste.

  • Make Kratom Tea; many flavors are present when it comes to tea. You can choose whatever you like, lemongrass, or go with the traditional. Don’t forget to add a spoonful of your favorite mitragynine powder, and you are good to go.
  • Toss and wash is the eldest method but is not of much use when masking that taste.
  • Kratom capsules are the most commonly used product as they don’t have any taste but take a longer time to kick in.
  • Kratom shots can be made by adding a small amount of your favorite drink or syrup to a spoon of Herb and just drinking it like a shot.

Buying Good Quality Kratom Juice

However, if you have made up your mind about vaping Kratom and need help finding the best Vape juice and Kratom extracts, these options might help you choose the best for you.

Many kratom vendors have extracts and juices now, but some stand out by their wide range of flavor choices and good quality. Many consumers vouch for Naya Kratom. The flavors range from mild to fruity solid, according to your liking.

They usually come in a 12ml vial containing around 9 grams of alkaloid leaf content.


Generally, Vaping and smoking are never better options for any substance. The same goes for Kratom; however, it is vital to say that it is terrible as it has its own set of benefits and all comes around to your liking. The above information may help you decide what you want for yourself and if Vaping is for you or if you should avoid it.


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