New to Kratom? Join Reddit To Learn All Things About This Herb

Have you ever tried using Reddit to learn more about kratom? Gosh! This may sound crazy to you but Reddit is one of the notorious websites with numerous legit forums about kratom. Whether you are a frequent Reddit user or hearing about it for the very first time, I bet it would be your next go-to spot to find useful information about Mitragyna Speciosa, that too coming from the first-hand experiences of the users.

Without further ado, let us have a deep dive into understanding the basics of Reddit that a beginner would like to know, and later we would spotlight what kind of FAQs you can find over Reddit about kratom.

So let’s get straight into it, folks.

Kratom on Reddit – Should you join Reddit to learn more about Mitragyna Speciosa?

It goes without saying that Reddit is the front page of the internet and is extremely famous in the US. Do you know it ranks 7th in the list of most popular websites in the United States? Yes, folks! You hear that right. Imagine any topic that comes to your mind and you would find it over Reddit in the form of a forum. The same goes for kratom, whether you want to know about the effects of Red Maeng Da kratom or the state laws about kratom in Arizona, Reddit has got you covered.

 So it would be a big no-no if you are looking forward to knowing kratom in detail and you skip joining Reddit.

Everything you need to know about kratom on Reddit

By now, you must have made up your mind to join Reddit. But, before you get into kratom on Reddit, it is essential to know about the basics of Reddit so that you do not end up all confused.

So here you go with the essential details:

1)  Understanding subreddits

The Subreddits are communities that you would find over Reddit, and there are literally millions out there.  The focus of each sub-reddit varies and revolves around a specific topic. Sub-reddits usually begin with /r/ and you would also find it in the websites’ URL. When you would search for kratom, the sub-reddit would be /r/kratom without numerous comments and reviews about the ethnobotanical. You would also get your hands over brand reviews, famous vendors, a variety of strains and their essential features, and much more. There are numerous other subreddits about kratom as well, like /r/kratom vendors, where the focus is particularly upon discussing kratom vendors and their pluses and minuses.

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2)  Sorting through the posts about kratom on Reddit

Do you know you can sort posts related to kratom over Reddit? When you open the home page of Reddit, you would come across various trending posts that are part of different subreddits. The most popular posts would come at the top, and you can easily sort them out as Best, Rising, Hot, Top, and New.

3)  Using the search bar on Reddit for kratom-related queries

Do you want to search about kratom over Reddit? The search bar would help you search about whatever comes to your mind. But, how would you use it?

At the top of the front page of Reddit, you would find the search bar. Type your query, for instance, if you just type “kratom”, all the related subreddits and posts would pop up and you can click on the one that’s relatable to your query.

4)  Creating your own subreddit about kratom on Reddit

You did not get your query answered in the already available subreddit over Reddit? Worry not! You can create your own subreddit, and wait for the users to comment about their reviews. For instance, if you are planning to try the “XYZ ” brand, and want to know whether it would be a wise choice to give them a try, you can create a subreddit and ask users if they have used their products and how their experience was.

Note: Only those users can create a subreddit that has a 30-day old Reddit account displaying activity and required numbers of karma points.

5)  What do arrows near the posts mean over Reddit?

You must have seen arrows followed by a subsequent number near the Reddit posts. These arrows are used to up-vote or down-vote certain posts and comments which further affect the visibility of that post. The more votes a post has, the more karma points and visibility it would achieve.

6)  Anonymous browsing feature on Reddit

Do you want to search about kratom over Reddit anonymously? Reddit keeps your privacy intact with its anonymous browsing feature.

To activate anonymous browsing, open the Reddit app installed in your android phone, click the drop-down icon below your profile name, and select the anonymous browsing feature. That’s all, folks, now you can search anonymously, even Reddit won’t save your activity, and your account won’t save any searches as well.

7)  Understanding the language at Reddit

Seasoned users of Reddit often use the short forms of various words that are often a source of confusion for the new Reddit user. For instance, you would find that users over Reddit call Maeng Da kratom, MD, and Kali Kratom as KK.

Additionally, OP means original post, AMA means ask me anything, and TIL means today I learned. You may come across other short forms too and you can always comment on the post to get to know what they mean.

8)  Best Subreddits you must subscribe to learn about kratom

Are you excited about knowing the trendiest ad information-filled subreddits that you must follow to learn everything about Speciosa? Here you go.

1)  The Sub-reddit /R/Kratom – what is so unique about it?

With 126K members, and almost 100+ online most of the time, this subreddit is an ultimate source to get quick information about kratom. Whether you want to get a review about a certain strain or a price of the product over a nearby smoke shop, you will get all your answers within minutes here. 

2)  /R/KratomKorner – Is it a trustworthy subreddit for kratom users?

The kratom vendor – Viable solutions owns this subreddit, where they discuss all the recent and important information about kratom. With a community of 23.5k members, it can help you with all the updates about M.Speciosa.

3)  /R/RecreationalKratom – best subreddit for recreational kratom use

Are you planning to use kratom for recreational purposes? Then you must join this subreddit to get all the recent information about how you can use kratom recreationally. With 7k members from different parts of the world, this virtual platform can prove to be quite helpful for you

What kind of FAQs you will find over Reddit about kratom?

For a new kratom user, it is essential to know why Reddit would be the solution to learn about Speciosa? And what kind of FAQs are answered in the posts. So here you go exploring whatever lies in the Reddit posts about kratom.

Dosage guides

We find numerous users confused about the right dosage of kratom they are taking. Over Reddit, you can get your hands on the dosage guides where users discuss the amount of a specific strain they usually take. Whether you want to know the right dosage of Red Maeng Da, White Bali, or Green Borneo, Reddit has got you covered.

Top vendors you need to know about

Finding the best vendor to buy kratom online is such a hassle for new users. Firstly, they do not know what standard of quality they would get, secondly they are not sure whether the products are lab-tested or not. To get all your queries answered, you can search about various vendors over Reddit. You will get to know about pluses and minuses, and later you can decide whether the vendor is worth a try.

Differences among strains

Since kratom has 30+ strains and five major vein colors, the effect of each strain varies. Users use Reddit to know about the differences among strains and how their effects would vary from person to person.

Best strains you must try

Some strains, like Maeng Da, Elephant, and Bali have received enough fame and are fan-favorites of millions of Speciosa enthusiasts globally. If you are new to kratom and want to know what would be the best strain you need to try, Reddit would be quite helpful to you.

Smoke shop Vs online vendors for kratom

Do you know folks also discuss the kratom brought from a smoke shop, gas stations, and how the quality and prices vary from the one brought from an online vendor? You won’t believe but there are various sub-reddits discussing the differences, pros, and cons of buying kratom from the smoke shop and from an online vendor. So, if that is one of your queries, hit Reddit right away for user experiences.

State laws about kratom

As we all know, kratom is still not allowed for human consumption in various states, and the laws keep changing. Over Reddit, you can get authentic info about states laws and all the recent updates regarding the bill being forwarded for approval.

Are Reddit Kratom Forums Trustworthy?

Since all the comments and posts over Reddit are the user experiences of various users, you cannot simply count on them. You should also do your own research before using kratom and consult your health care practitioner.

Final Thoughts on Kratom on Reddit

Kratom on Reddit – Is it the best source for all the information related to Speciosa? The answer is spot on and it is – YES! From best vendors, strains, and kratom products to user experiences, effects, dosage guides, and state laws, you would find countless posts over Reddit regarding your queries.  So what are you waiting for? Join Reddit today, and join the subreddits related to kratom and indulge in all the posts and comments.


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