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If you’ve seen yellow Kratom on different websites, you might wonder what it is and why it’s become popular recently. This relatively new addition to the Kratom family has recently emerged, piquing the interest of both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts. What makes it popular among beginners is that it gently introduces them to the world of Kratom with its milder effects. Its unique characteristics make it a go-to option for a balanced and peaceful experience. 

But what exactly is Yellow Kratom used for? Is it a real strain of Kratom or just a marketing tactic sellers use? Let’s find out the answers to these questions and dive into the fascinating realm of Yellow Kratom, aka one of the most controversial strains in the Kratom world.

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What is Yellow Kratom? 

Yellow Kratom is a unique blend that combines different strains of Kratom together. It’s called “yellow” because vendors mix green and red Kratom to create this unique blend. However, it’s important to note that no specific Kratom tree has yellow veins. The term “yellow” in Yellow Kratom simply represents what happens when you mix red and green together, just like combining red and green light.

Many people find Yellow Kratom to be a great choice because it provides a balance between feeling motivated and calm. Unlike other Kratom strains that may lean more towards one effect, Yellow Kratom offers a blend of the best qualities from Red Vein and Green Vein Kratom strains. It’s often considered a broad-spectrum category of the plant, providing the benefits of both strains.

Origin of Yellow Kratom

There are several theories on how exactly yellow kratom grows and is produced in the first place. While no concrete evidence supports any particular theory, three popular explanations have emerged.

Combination of Three Strains

According to one theory, yellow kratom is created by blending three different strains of kratom together. The strains used are the red vein, white vein, and green vein kratom. Yellow kratom is said to be made by combining red and green strains, while the addition of white forms gold kratom. This blend is then fermented, resulting in the unique yellow coloration of the kratom. Yellow kratom offers a distinct and balanced combination of effects by combining these strains.

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Harvesting at a Particular Age

Another theory suggests that yellow kratom is produced by harvesting the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree at a specific stage of its lifespan. Unlike other kratom strains, the leaves for yellow kratom are picked later in the tree’s life. This extended growth period gives the leaves a yellow hue, contributing to the production of yellow kratom.

Special Drying Process

The most popular theory regarding the origins of yellow kratom revolves around a unique drying process. Some believe that yellow hues are obtained from drying red vein kratom for a longer duration, while others propose that yellow kratom is derived from drying a blend of white and green kratom in the sunlight instead of in an indoor setting. This special drying process is said to enhance the alkaloid profile of the kratom and result in its distinct yellow color.

While these theories may sound reasonable, it’s important to note that they are still speculative. Despite the lack of factual reports proving the origins of yellow vein kratom, its popularity is still rising. 

7 Important Uses of Yellow Kratom

Since yellow kratom is a special type of strain made by combining red and green kratom, it provides the benefits of both these strains. Just as red kratom gives a feeling of relaxation and calmness and green kratom brings energy and focus, yellow kratom offers the best of both worlds. So let’s discover the seven best uses of yellow Kratom:

  1. May help improve focus

Yellow Kratom can be your ally if you find it challenging to concentrate on your daily tasks. This strain helps sharpen your focus, allowing you to stay attentive and engaged throughout the day. You can tackle tasks more efficiently and achieve better results with enhanced focus.

  1. Might be euphoric high

Yellow Kratom can induce a state of euphoria, which is characterized by intense happiness and excitement. This strain can elevate your spirits, leaving you with joy and contentment.

  1. May lead to a mood boost

Yellow Kratom can be beneficial if you’re feeling down or experiencing mood swings. It works by regulating neurotransmitters in your brain, promoting a happier mood. By consuming this strain, you may experience an uplifted mood, leading to a more optimistic outlook on life.

  1. Could help increase positivity

Yellow Kratom has the remarkable ability to make you feel positive. By boosting your serotonin levels, it encourages feelings of happiness and positivity. This positive mindset can help you approach challenges with a more optimistic attitude and a greater sense of resilience.

  1. Potential to energize body

Yellow Kratom can be your natural solution when you need an energy boost. This strain provides a gentle, sustained energy boost, allowing you to combat fatigue and stay alert throughout the day. With increased energy, you can accomplish tasks more efficiently and stay productive.

  1. Provides motivation for difficult tasks

Facing a daunting task? Yellow Kratom can provide the motivation you need to power through it. This strain helps you feel motivated and determined to tackle even the most challenging endeavors by stimulating your mind and body.

  1. Can improve well-being and centeredness

Yellow Kratom contributes to overall well-being and centeredness. It instills a sense of harmony and peacefulness. By incorporating Yellow Kratom into your routine, you can experience good health and find yourself more centered amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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How to Take Yellow Kratom?

There are different ways to consume Yellow Kratom, each with its advantages. Let’s explore three popular methods:


Yellow Kratom powder can be mixed into smoothies or brewed into teas. It provides flexibility in dosing and can be customized according to your needs. Adding the powder to a tasty smoothie can mask its slightly bitter taste while enjoying its benefits. If you prefer a warm beverage, brewing it into tea can be a comforting way to consume Yellow Kratom. 


Yellow Kratom is also available in capsule form, which provides a convenient and mess-free way to consume it. The capsules contain pre-measured powdered Kratom, allowing you to simply swallow them with water. Capsules eliminate the need for measuring and mixing the powder, making them hassle-free and suitable for those on the go or seeking a discreet method of consumption.


If you desire a more potent and concentrated form of Yellow Kratom, extracts are an option. These extracts are obtained through a specialized extraction process, resulting in a stronger and faster-acting effect than powdered Kratom. Extracts are typically consumed in smaller doses and can be added to beverages or taken directly. However, they are more potent and may better suit experienced Kratom users seeking a more substantial impact.

Yellow Kratom Dosage

Although Yellow Kratom may seem different from other kratom types, its overall potency is quite similar to red, white, or green vein kratom strains, with its unique properties and effects.

If you’re trying yellow vein kratom for the first time, starting with a low dose is essential. Begin with 1 or 2 grams, or even less if you’re new to kratom. Even if you have prior experience with other kratom types, your body may need time to adjust to the effects of yellow kratom. Once you’ve developed enough tolerance, you may be able to handle around 3 to 4 grams per dose.

Remember that these suggested dosages are not set in stone. Each individual has their tolerance levels, and you may find that while you can comfortably handle other kratom strains, taking more than 3 grams of yellow vein kratom at a time might be challenging for you. The key is to gradually increase your dosage to discover your personal limit. 

yellow kratom

Popular Strains of yellow Kratom

Yellow kratom comes in a variety of popular strains, giving you plenty of options to choose from. With each strain having its unique qualities and effects, finding the perfect match for your needs is crucial. Here are some popular strains of yellow kratom:

  • Yellow Bali: Yellow Bali is a well-liked strain of yellow kratom. It soothes and calms you down.
  • Yellow Borneo: Another popular strain is Yellow Borneo. It is often favored for its uplifting and energizing qualities.
  • Yellow Malay: Yellow Malay is a famous strain known for its balanced and moderate effects. It can provide a boost of energy without being too overwhelming.
  • Yellow Sumatra: Yellow Sumatra is a widely enjoyed strain with a reputation for its relaxing and mood-enhancing properties. Its calming influence can help you ease your mind after a weary day.
  • Yellow Vietnam: Lastly, Yellow Vietnam is a beloved strain known for its stimulating and invigorating effects. It can provide a burst of energy and focus.

Although each of these strains provides a range of experiences, there is an ongoing debate about the authenticity of yellow kratom. Let’s examine the criticisms and genuine reviews to determine if this strain is effective.

Is Yellow Kratom a Real and Effective Strain?

There is very limited information available about the origin and historical use of yellow kratom. In fact, there is no concrete evidence to support the claims about the unique drying process that supposedly creates yellow kratom powder. Similarly, there is no proof that yellow coloration results from aging red vein kratom leaves. This strain wasn’t even in light until recently and thus does not directly originate from South Asia’s forests. 

According to the experiences shared by some kratom users, yellow-vein kratom appears to be quite similar to green-vein kratom. Green kratom strains have been widely used for centuries for their therapeutic benefits. Therefore, critics consider it unnecessary to deviate from something with a long-established track record in favor of a newer strain that could potentially be nothing more than a mere imitation. 

Despite all such reviews and lack of substantial evidence, many users have found yellow kratom to be the best strain out of all, making it highly effective for their needs. This is particularly true for beginners exploring the world of kratom for the first time. The experiences shared by these users cannot be dismissed. 

These users have found that yellow kratom has unique effects that differ from red and green vein strains. It has been described as having a balanced and soothing effect, providing a boost of energy while also promoting relaxation. This makes it a versatile option that caters to a wide range of needs. The positive feedback from these users suggests that yellow kratom is indeed an authentic and valuable strain worth considering.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right strain of Kratom, like Yellow Kratom, requires making informed decisions. While its popularity is increasing and many users have reported positive experiences, it’s vital to acknowledge the limited information available about its origins and production methods. That means we must be careful and skeptical when considering Yellow Kratom. It’s a good idea to talk to professionals, research, and listen to what experienced users say. This way, you can better understand the potential benefits and risks of using this strain. By being cautious and getting all the facts, you can make smart choices about whether Yellow Kratom is right for you. Remember, asking questions and thinking carefully before trying something new is okay.


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