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Most people who decide to use Kratom need help knowing where to begin their search for the best quality of the herb. Moreover, finding an online shop that will not scam you or disappear after you place an order is also a genuine concern for many beginners and new consumers. We decided to review B Zen Botanicals for its quality and service. After reading about our experience, you can decide if this is the vendor for you. 

This review aimed to explore the kinds of products this shop offers and what you must know before placing an order. B Zen Botanicals is a family business that offers potent, quality products made with all-natural, authentic herbs. Here is a detailed description of what we found out about this shop.

What Can I Buy From B Zen Botanicals?

You can select items from Kratom powder, capsules, extracts, and crushed-leaf tea. If you think that’s all, you can also check out the superfoods section, which contains excellent quality Acai berry powder, cacao nibs, Matcha, Moringa, and other botanicals that can add to your health. It is always better to indulge in herbal remedies and supplements, you can find many other herbs that can provide different results. 

The Kratom range on the B Zen Botanicals website attracts visitors. You can buy all kinds of strains, including red Dragon Kratom powder, green Elephant Kratom capsules, and Kratom extracts in liquid and powder form. This shop offers botanicals that can transform your daily routine and make you more productive. Moreover, you will enjoy better health by consuming these herbs. 

Apart from superfoods and Kratom, you can find several tea blends on the website. You will like the herbal, fruit, and functional teas if you drink regularly. While green and black tea are the regular tea types available on B Zen Botanicals, you can find any interesting new blends to add to your health. There are blends like Beauty Tea and Detox Tea that work well. We tried these teas, and the refreshing taste and detoxifying effect worked wonders.

Are The Products Lab-Tested?

All the products on this website are tested in third-party laboratories to ensure good quality and fresh herbs. You can now enjoy the best quality of Kratom and superfoods that will make a difference with just one dose. Whether you want a morning cup of Kratom tea or a pre-workout smoothie, the best quality of Kratom will add more meaning to your daily routine. 

B Zen Botanicals shares all the results with customers so they can try out any of their products with peace of mind. In a world where people cheat and sell low-quality goods, B Zen Botanicals ensures that all consumers know they can only get the best quality items here. Laboratory tests for all the botanicals can ensure purity by eliminating the risk of contaminants like E.coli, Salmonella, etc. This shop keeps its customers’ health and safety as a priority.

B Zen Botanicals meets all the standards of ethical consumerism and delivers all products in GMP-compliant packaging to ensure safety and freshness. When you try any of the products, you will find them fresh, and the results will be instant. You can enjoy the goodness of nature with the freedom to enjoy the herb instead of worrying about contaminants or fillers.

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Customer Reviews

The best way to assess any online shop regarding customer service and quality is the customer reviews posted on neutral platforms such as social media groups and pages. If an online shop posts reviews, they can be misleading since the website has full control of what to edit and delete. However, if you follow customer reviews on Facebook and Instagram pages where customers share their experiences candidly, you can tell whether the vendor is reliable.

B Zen Botanicals has amazing reviews as people appreciate their service and superior quality of products. Public forums such as Reddit and Facebook have lots of reviews that can help you make up your mind about ordering robust and potent Kratom products. 


There are very few online shops that take the time to educate Kratom users about the types of botanicals, along with their effects. B Zen Botanicals maintains a blog, a collection of articles that will help consumers understand how various botanicals can be useful for them.

Moreover, this blog will help them know more about alternatives that can impact their health positively instead of turning to medicines and supplements that can be harmful in the long run. These articles can be educational and informative for beginners or even people who are considering using Kratom but don’t know which strain to buy. 

What Is The Shipping Policy of B Zen Botanicals?

B Zen Botanicals ships out orders every weekday, and if there is a shipping service on Saturdays, you may also count that. However, due to the remote location of the warehouse and manufacturing unit, this online shop only sometimes counts Saturday as a day for shipping. USPS Priority service will deliver the package, and the delivery time depends on the destination distance from the online shop. 

B Zen Botanicals follows the guidelines and regulations of all states. If you order from a state where Kratom is not allowed, the online shop will not honor the order. There are a few states that forbid Kratom consumption, and if you live in one of these states, you cannot order Kratom from this shop. 


B Zen Botanicals is a family-owned business that delivers premium quality botanicals from natural plantations to your doorstep. There is a wide range of Kratom and other herbs which can work wonders for your health. You can order from the website and enjoy the goodness of nature. These botanicals are delivered in the safest packaging and are prepared with a lot of love and transparency.

You can check the contents of each product and verify the laboratory tests, and the only thing you will find is the best quality botanicals, all under one roof.


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