how to take kratom powder with food

Kratom has become a huge success among users and those looking for withdrawal from other substances. And the right amount of it will give you the necessary kick to start the day after 20 to 30 minutes! But when is the right time to take your Kratom-related products? Is it OK to take it without food?

Before Meal: People often take it on an empty stomach with their choice of beverage. It almost immediately shows results.

After Meal: It is generally not a good practice to take it after a hearty meal. Try waiting 2 or more hours after your meal to take it.

It depends on your body and how you fathom its effects and taste. Each user has different ways of taking it, so there is no fixed rule!

How To Take Kratom Powder With Food

Kratom users prefer to take it in powder form. It is because powder is easy to digest and shows promising results almost immediately after consumption.

But the powder leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It is usually taken with some other substance to overcome its bitter taste. Here are some combinations you can use your powder with:


The most common method of taking the powder is the toss-and-wash method. All you need to do is take a sip of water, let it sit in your mouth, and then toss the powder inside so that it gets mixed with the water. Swallow the solution with several gulps of water.

Some users also put the powder in a water bottle. They don’t mind the taste as it gets diluted in the water. The grittiness of the powder can be avoided if you let it settle in for 15 minutes. Also, shaking the bottle can get rid of the grittiness of the powder.

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Make sure to break down the alkaloids in the powder with hot water. Stir the powder into hot water and drink it. Wash it down immediately with your choice of beverage!

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Chocolate Milk

Another great combination is mixing the powder with some milk and chocolate syrup. This cancels out the bitter taste and gives you the same effect as the simple toss-and-wash method. Put milk, powder, and chocolate syrup in a blender and enjoy! You can also add a little ice to make an on-the-go drink.

Orange juice

Drinking orange juice (or even lemon juice) is a great way to consume It. After breaking it down with hot water using the toss-and-wash method, take some orange juice to wash away the taste.

But you can always mix the powder with orange or lemon juice to enjoy it as is. Simply add a half teaspoon of powder to your choice of juice and mix thoroughly to avoid the bitter taste.


You can also enjoy it with your morning coffee. Add the desired amount of powder to your daily coffee and mix thoroughly to avoid foam and unnecessary powder on the surface.

The powder can go well with both hot and cold coffee! 1 to 2 grams of Kratom with 250 ml of your choice of coffee gives you the energy you want daily.


People have tried Kratom powder with almond milk, and they have not regretted it! Simply toss your daily dose into 500 ml of almond milk.

Some even try the combination of milk, honey, and kratom. Make sure to stir in the powder thoroughly to avoid foam and grittiness. You can also add in some espresso or chocolate syrup to avoid the taste.

Chamomile Tea

If you are an avid tea drinker, then use Kratom powder in it! Kratom and chamomile tea make a great combination, which you will come to love once you try. Add the powder when you are brewing your tea leaves. You can add some lemon or peppermint to enhance the taste.

Apart from chamomile, you can go with your choice of tea leaves. Don’t let the bitter taste of the powder seize the day!

Shakes and Smoothies

You can also pair Kratom powder with your choice of frozen fruit. Blend some water and frozen bananas together and add your desired amount of Kratom dosage. You can substitute bananas with mixed fruits such as strawberries, mangos, and cherries to mask the bitter taste.

You can also make some banana or mango shakes to go with the powder. Add some milk and your choice of fruit along with the powder to enjoy your everyday drink.

Kratom and Food – Facts

Tolerance level, high lipid profiles and blood pressure, and potentiator—there are certain aspects attached to Kratom powder and the food you take it with. Here are some facts related to the two:


Potentiators are substances that boost the effects of a drug or herb. Coffee and grapefruit are known to be great Kratom potentiators. Try adding some citrus acid to your Kratom and your choice of tea leaves and see the tremendous effects!

Multivitamins also serve a purpose. Magnesium supplements can work as a Kratom potentiator and won’t allow you to develop a tolerance for them. It is often a practice to take your supplement 30 minutes before your Kratom dose to achieve maximum effects.

If you do not want to develop tolerance, then mix your powder with some fatty foods! These foods work as great Kratom potentiators and enhance its effects.

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Cholesterol Levels

Kratom is not responsible for increasing your cholesterol levels. It may be because you are pairing the powder with some high-cholesterol foods that are increasing your lipid profile. Another reason could be your genetic history.

Blood Pressure

According to a study, there have been instances of people reporting high blood pressure after 8 hours of Its consumption.

If you have a blood pressure cuff at home and have high BP issues, it is advisable to measure it before and after 2 hours of Kratom consumption. Try to monitor your BP by measuring it every 2 hours. You can try changing the strain, and make sure to check out the reviews of each Kratom product.

Coffee can increase your BP. You can avoid mixing Kratom with caffeine and look for other substitutes, such as tea and milk.

Change strains

Some people develop tolerance to kratom after extensive use. Try switching strains from time to time to avoid letting your body settle into a certain strain. You can change from green powder to red or white powder or go for Kratom capsules.

You must also do some research on your choice of strain. If a strain does not show any promising results after 20 or 30 minutes, you can either try increasing your dose or switch to another strain.

Monitor dosage

Newbies shouldn’t take it two days in a row. It’s better to take it once or twice a week to avoid Its addiction. It only takes about 20 to 30 minutes for its effects to start on an empty stomach.

Try to take 2 to 3 grams a day, as 2 grams would be about half a teaspoon. You can increase the dosage if you think you have built up a tolerance to it. Remember to have something sugary afterwards to avoid the bitter taste.

Kratom powder or leaves?

You will come across it mostly in powder form. Kratom leaves are usually crushed to achieve the powder form of the following types:

  • Red-veined Kratom: The leaves are at the stage of maturity. It helps with relaxation and brings you that much-needed calmness.
  • White-veined Kratom: These leaves are at the younger stage. It helps to uplift your mood and gives you energy.
  • Green vein Kratom: These leaves are harvested at midpoint. It helps to bring you both relaxation and excitement.

Whatever your choice of leaves, they will always taste bitter. Try to mix in some raw honey or take sugar to lessen the bitter effect.

kratom powder with food

If you prefer to take Kratom leaves, make sure to brew them thoroughly. You can always mix in some peppermint leaves to give it a nice and refreshing taste. Adding some lemon can be a great way to enhance the flavor of your Kratom tea and mask the bitter taste.

Go for whatever suits your taste! If you are a tea lover, then Kratom tea is right up your alley. But Kratom powder is more accessible and can be an inexpensive alternative. Just use any of the above-mentioned methods to take in the powder easily.


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