Akuamma Seeds Benefits Types and Dosages

Are you a fellow Herbal enthusiast? Does finding new herbs and their incredible effects from all over the world give you a certain feeling of satisfaction? Well, Akuamma is another rising star in the miraculous herbal world we live in and is another God-sent gift of nature.

Here is a little effort to familiarize you with this new yet oldest African folk Herb with wondrous effects.

What Are Akuamma Seeds?

Akuamma seeds, a reservoir of unique alkaloids, are obtained from the Picralima Nitida tree found in the tropical forests of Africa. The herbal seeds are crushed and are sold as Akuamma powder all over the globe now. However, they mainly originate from the Tropical areas of Africa like Ghana and the Ivory Coast, where they helped as traditional herbal medicine.

Origin And Cultivation

Akuamma is a rising name in herbal miracles getting well-deserved popularity in the world nowadays.

Akuamma tree, Picralima Nitida, is the native tree of tropical areas of Africa. It can grow as tall as 12 feet and bears flowers, fruits, and seeds.

The locals have been using Picralima fruits and grains for centuries. The seeds are extracted and ground into a fine powder consumed in many manners to feel the nature helping effects.

Seed Extraction And Preparation

The African alkaloid-rich plant has many different uses, and the list can go on, but the most common and valuable part of the Akuamma tree is its seeds.

The Picralima fruit, in all its glory, resembles a coconut; however, it is not hollow and bears a whole load of seeds that give us the excellent Akuamma powder.

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The seeds are extracted, purified, and ground into a fine powder that is then packaged and shipped worldwide, where herb enthusiasts consume in their ways to get the desired effects.

Early History And Use As A Folk Medicine

Picralima came to light in 1896 as a part of the plant family Apocynaceae.

Akuamma may be a new powder to people in the States or other modern first-world countries; it has been a vital wellness enhancer among African and Tropical neighborhoods.

The powder has been used as a cure for Malaria as it has an anti-inflammatory effect and fights the infection. Malaria has been a form of a pandemic in early times in these areas, and herbal medicine was the only option. Akuamma helped a lot in treating people and also as an aseptic substance.

Composition And Alkaloids Of Akuamma Seeds

Another Alkaloid rich psychoactive wonder of nature, Picralima seeds powder, is very similar to herbal wonders. However, the content of alkaloids is different from the other herbal competitors that give it a different specialty and effect.

The main alkaloids present in the seeds are:

These alkaloids act on different receptors, including the opioid receptors giving it the analgesic and relieving effect.

Benefits And Uses

Akuamma seeds are a natural remedy for people in real need as over-the-counter drugs come with a thousand other side effects. People with real medical issues have reported the positive impact of the seed powder in managing many medical complications with otherwise might have required a lot of modern systemic medicine.

Some of the most common naturally remedied ailments include:

Managing Stress

Stress is a severe complication of many underlying disorders. People suffering from nervousness that require analgesic treatments to work efficiently are the one in dire need of a natural herbal alternative.

Akuamma is an alkaloid substance that affects the opioid receptors in the brain that are responsible for these stress conditions. By hindering the opioid activity, Akuamma has reported helping many people manage their stress, and many life feels normal.

A study on rats showed significant evidence of nervousness management and anti-inflammatory benefits of Picralima Nitida.


Pseudo-Akuammigine is an alkaloid found in the Akuamma seeds composition. It has experimental evidence of helping with swelling and other inflammatory conditions like allergies and insect bite reactions.

Folks in Africa has been using this as a mean to reduce edema and inflammation long before we were even born.


Plasmodium falciparum is the culprit behind this heinous infectious disease that once took the lives of many innocent people. Before the modern cure was invented and made available to people worldwide, the folks found their way of treating and preventing Malaria.

Akuammine, another excellent content of the seeds, fruits, and even bark of the Picralima tree, is found to have anti-malarial activity even against the drug-resistant pathogen. A study by JE Saxton explains this research.

Anti-Pathogenic Activity

The African seeds have many alkaloids with many different activities, one of which is the fighting ability against other pathogens.

Leishmania, Trypanosoma, and many diarrhea-causing protozoa and bacteria have been native diseases in the African region. The African medical history has shown that Akuamma has helped many people in their fight against natural diseases.

Muscle Relaxant

Muscle relaxation is another effect that helped people calming the nerves and the muscles after a hectic day or due to any underlying condition. The African seeds help people physically as well as mentally.


As described above, the relaxing effect helps calm the mind, the nerves, and the muscles making the body calm and soothing, which induces sleep and helps in maintaining a sound and healthy environment and body.

Potential Anti-Diabetic And Anti-Oxidant Properties

An experimental study has indicated that Akuamma helped increase glucose uptake and has a powerful ability to be a groundbreaking Herbal medical alternative in people with diabetes.

These are some studies and researches that support the anti-diabetic and antioxidant properties. Akuamma seeds have inhibitory effects on glucosidase enzymes, making them a potential anti-diabetic herbal alternative.

Different Forms of Akuamma

Picralima Nitida trees have a reservoir of herbal wellness in them, but this only provides the raw materials, the extraction, grounding, and transformation into various products is the process that makes this goodness available to those who are half globe away from the Tropics.

The products that are mainly present today for Akuamma are:

Akuamma Seeds

Akuamma seeds are highly in demand as many people like to ground them on their own for quality and prevent contamination. Seeds are extracted from the fruits and then are washed, clean, and packaged by the farmers or vendors.

Akuamma Powder

The seeds are ground into a fine powder and made more consumable. Many people opt for the grounded and extracted form as it is easy to ingest and use Akuamma in various recipes and combinations.

Akuamma Capsules

Many herbal well-wishers who consume Picralima Nitida extracts in various forms always complain of the very bitter taste that makes it almost impossible to ingest. Don’t worry; we have a solution for that too. Akuamma capsules have grounded seeds coated in a tasteless shell that makes eating it a piece of cake.

The Correct Dosages

When it comes to herbal remedies, there is no correct or best dosage as the effects depend on the metabolism of the person consuming the product. The same goes for Akuamma seeds.

However, few surveys suggest that the best dosage for most people lie between 200 milligrams to 500 milligrams.

This amount is equivalent to almost 2-3 seeds in grounded form. Many consumers suggested taking half to full teaspoon of Akuamma powder.

How Long Do The Effects Last

As described above, the duration of effects of different herbs depends on the body type of the consumer. Most people reported that the miraculous impacts of Akuamma last somewhere between 4 to 5 hours. However, some people reported much more strong results, while others said they experienced mild effects.

Ways Of Taking Akuamma Products

People have started to use Picralima Nitida seeds extensively worldwide, which has led to many innovative ways of ingestion.

The most common complaint among the consumers is Akuamma’s very bitter taste that makes it very difficult to consume.

The most common ways to decrease and mask the bitterness and making the process pleasurable.


Akuamma powder capsules are the most popular products among the herb enthusiasts as it makes it very easy to measure the correct dosage and helps not mess it up. The shell of the capsules masks the bitterness, and it is a convenient way to consume the product.

Wash And Toss Method

The traditional wash and toss method are one of the oldest methods of consumption. The powder engulfed with water gives early effects, but it is inconvenient because of the bitter taste.

Mixing With Other Substances

Many people add the powder to their everyday beverages or meals like yogurts and teas with sweeteners that make the complex ingestion process a pleasant meal.

Adverse Effects And Risks

Anything in excess is wrong, as we all have heard from the start. Akuamma took in small quantities that are 2 to 5 grams, doesn’t cause any harm, and the consumer can have the desired effects without any side effects or formation of tolerance; however, larger doses may have adverse impact alkaloid content is psychoactive.

Headache, nausea, intestinal disturbances, and restlessness are some of the commonly known not-so-sound effects of Akuamma intake.

Higher the dose more potent the effects and more risky it becomes. Always try small amounts and work your way up.

Some people who used Akuamma also reported electrolyte imbalance.

Is Akuamma Addictive?

With the growing popularity and less research, many myths and false information have started to circulate in the Akuamma world and is giving a bad name to the beautiful seed.

Akuamma, as compared to other alkaloid herbs, is not addictive. On the contrary, it is helping many people in their fights against addictions to opioids and other drugs.

These seeds are mild stimulants that do not produce addiction or withdrawal symptoms.

Ways To Avoid Adverse Effects

Always take small quantities and look closely at how your body responds to the seeds or powder. There are some contraindications of the African herbal seed that will help in preventing any side effects:

  • Don’t take very high doses; always start small.
  • Do not mix the powder with other analgesics or medications.
  • Avoid if you have respiratory problems.
  • Avoid using in Pregnancy.
  • Avoid when planning a family or trying to conceive.
  • Avoid if your body shows signs of inflammation or allergic reactions.

Akuamma Experiences By Real Consumers

What can be more honest than a comment or review by a real-life user? Reddit and many other discussion platforms have thousands of people and reviewers who share their personal experiences in the form of threads.

Many Akuamma related threads are present all over Reddit and other websites.

The thread shows a herb enthusiast describing his detailed Akuamma review about how he felt and the effects.

Many people share how Akuamma works for them, and some people relate it to Kratom due to its analgesic activity.

Some people experienced full wonders of the seeds, but some complained about only half the benefits.

These threads are pretty helpful for new people to this herbal world and require complete guidance to feel all these safe gifts from mother nature.

Is Akuamma Legal?

One of the most significant advantages that make Akuamma more popular and reliable than other herbal alternatives is that it is entirely legal all over the Globe and in The United States. Mitragynae speciosa and Cannabis like herbs are having legality issues due to increasing abuse and overdose cases, but Akuamma has not any history of such allegations and legalizations. Checkout Mitragynae speciosa legality status in your state.

So, my fellow Herb consumers, you are entirely free to buy, sell and consume Picralima Nitida seeds and products.

Akuamma V/S Kratom

Akuamma and Kratom are taken in the same category as they both belong to the botanicals and have alkaloid content; however, they differ in so many ways that they can not be called the same.

  • Akuamma and Kratom both have Analgesic properties, but the Kratom has a much more potent effect. On the other hand, Akuamma is tested and proven as an analgesic medicine.
  • Kratom has 1500 more alkaloids than Picralima Nitida seeds and has more powerful stimulation.
  • Akuamma has anti-pathogenic activity and is used as an aseptic superficially.
  • Mitragynae speciosa is used by grinding its leaves, while Akuamma comes from its seeds, fruits, bark, and roots.
  • Akuamma is legal worldwide, while Kratom is having serious legality issues, especially in The States. So if your state has banned Kratom, African seed is a good alternative.

Where Can You Buy Good Quality Akuamma?

The Herbal industry has evolved a good deal, and now finding good quality herbal products is easy; however, it also makes finding the best products difficult.

Akuamma is also found in the vendor system both online and in stores. Many Kratom vendors and herbal stores online offer a significant number of good quality products.

Some websites which provide excellent seeds are :

You can also buy Akuamma seed and powder from local smoke shops and gas stations.

Prices For Akuamma Products

The prices of this African wellness enhancer are not as high as many other herbal products. Akuamma Seed Powder ranges from $11 for one oz to $145 for 1lb on many kratoms and herbal vendor websites. You can buy more or fewer quantities based on your demand and needs.

People have complained about slightly high prices in stores rather than the online shops.


Picralima Nitida, An African Tropical tall tree, is bearing another wonder of the mother nature Akuamma. The seeds, fruit bark, and even the tree roots are ground and used for various purposes. The most common helpful product among humans is Akuamma seeds and their powder.

The powder, with its alkaloid content, provides miraculous effects and is in reach of everyone as Akuamma is entirely legal and has experimental evidence of its analgesic and many other properties.

This seed powder is undoubtedly a herbal wonder and a safe and mild alternative to other natural stimulants.


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