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Is it important to know that the Kratom you buy comes from a reputable source? There is no better place to learn about Krave Kratom than this review right now! Krave Kratom was established in 2016 as a retailer and wholesaler of Kratom.

In addition to distributing tea products to smoke shops and fueling stations around the United States, they also sell their Kratom to the general public via their website.

They have asserted that they supply the greatest Kratom available on the market, and the purpose of this review is to examine that assertion. With that said, let’s go right into Krave Brand’s offerings, pricing, and customer service options.

Accreditation of the American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association does not recognize Krave Kratom as a certified member. Not even on the list of potential participants. This company has been operating since before the AKA was created, so this explanation appears implausible at best.

There are two possible explanations for why this firm failed the impartial third-party audit. During the auditing process, some organizations have spent as much as $100,000 to meet compliance criteria. If you’re starting with Kratom, you can’t afford it.

The ultimate argument for this brand’s refusal to join the American Kratom Association is that they don’t care. Although this group is performing important work for the kratom business, many tea dealers are unaware.

The American Kratom Association is working at the federal level to consider the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. If the KCPA is passed, Kratom would be legalized as a nutritional supplement and subjected to FDA oversight. To help overturn its restrictions and prevent future bans, they are also spearheading the campaign at the provincial government level to do so.

Does Krave Kratom Have a Wide Product Range?

Krave sells a range of different products. They have their line of Kratom that’s prepared for them to ensure quality and consistency, but there are also other brands available from various manufacturers.

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If you’re already an avid tea user, the idea is to expand your options, not limit them. You can purchase different kratom strains, extracts, and enhanced blends. There’s no better way to start with the basics for those who are new to it.

You can purchase Kratom from Krave in a variety of ways. Although they offer a wider variety of forms than other dealers, their strain selection is limited.

They have a total of 13 powder options, which is equal to the number of capsules they provide. Of the 13 powders available, seven are mixes, rather than single-strain products, of cannabis. Always be on the lookout for custom mixes made on site. It is hard to procure trustworthy findings through laboratory testing. 

Blends make up seven of the 13 available capsules, as well.

Small sample packets are also offered for consumers interested in trying a new strain. The top two choices in each of their respective categories are as follows:Concentrates – Krave Kratom shot and Krave. Kratom Tincture concentrates.

  • Extracts- K80 shot and Kratom Extract 3 Pack Blister.
  • Samples – Krave Kratom Bali samples and Krave Kratom Gold samples.
  • Powder – CBD-infused Kratom powder and Green Malay Kratom powder.
  • Capsules – CBD-infused Kratom capsules and Krave Kratom Bali capsules.

What Are the Costs of Purchasing?

The prices offered by Krave are affordable, and the pricing options ensure flexibility, which is important for those who don’t want to make a big upfront investment. Since this company is relatively new, it’s worth noting that they may not have had time to work out all of the kinks in their system.

Although some products are on backorder or out of stock, this is a comparatively small issue. Orders may take as long as five days to process and ship. Due to the large influx of new consumers, some products are sold out regularly.

Kratom Capsules

Capsules are available in a variety of enticing flavors. Depending on your needs, you may pick and choose how many units you want. It includes 500 mg of Ketum leaf powder in each capsule. There are four distinct bottle sizes and prices based on the number of pills in each bottle:

  • 30 tablets are available for $15.99
  • 75 count capsules are priced at $29.99
  • Get 150 capsules for $49.99
  • 300 capsules are available for $69.99
  • Grab 500 capsules for $99.99

2. Kratom Concentrates

Concentrates are also available from their selection. Powders have a lower concentration of alkaloids and are preferred by those who prefer more potent forms of the plant. In this case, you have a choice of two.

  • Krave Kratom Tincture Concentrate: 30 ml bottle is available for $19.99
  • Krave Kratom Shot: You can get a 30 ml bottle for $7.99

3. Kratom Powder

Krave has a powder form of 11 varieties of Ketum in their business since they regard all groups of people. The pricing range for powder based on the quantity purchased is as follows:

  • 60 gms powder is available for $24.99
  • 120 gms powder is offered for $39.99
  • Get 250 gms powder for $69.99

4. Samples

As a first step, they provide a sample pack of 10 capsules of the three most popular strains of marijuana: Bali, Gold, and Maeng Da. They’re just $4.95, which is a great deal.


1. Excellent customer service

2. Great for beginners and veteran users alike

3. Free shipping 

4. Easy to use site with a simple shopping cart system, secure checkout process, and live chat support feature.


1. Out of stock issues 

2. Some find their website difficult to navigate through 

3. Their kratom is expensive compared to other online stores 

4. Shipping May Take Longer Than Expected

What Is The Shipping Method and Charges?

Customers appreciate Krave for this reason, among a slew of others. Because Krave ships for free, it’s a big draw! Even though this is one of Krave’s strongest selling qualities, very few Krave reviews highlight it!

If you purchase from a seller that offers free delivery, you’ll save money if you spend more than a particular amount. Aside from the free delivery, most Krave purchases arrive within 4 to 5 days after being placed.

Are There Products Tested?

Their products are lab-tested, and they can provide you with the results at any time. A certain strain of Kratom is not as popular as others, so it’s hard to find reliable sources for this product. At, most products are made from 100% natural ingredients without additives or artificial ingredients, which they guarantee.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable online source at affordable prices, this is the place to go. Their products have been tested, and they guarantee consistent results. In addition, their customer care team can answer all your questions and provide you with information relating to their product line.

Do They Offer a Refund Policy?

When items are returned unopened and in their original packaging within 14 days after purchase, they will be issued a full refund.

What Do Customer Reviews Tell Us About Krave Kratom?

Some users who are not happy with the products say that they arrived in extremely poor condition. It took a long time to reach, sometimes much longer than advertised. Beware when you’re buying from them because they might backorder your items and send you something else much later on.

However, there are several positive reviews about the company’s service. Most users are satisfied with the variety of products that they offer. Aside from Kratom, you can also find tinctures and concentrates. The majority of the online reviews indicate that their products are fresh and contain high alkaloid levels. They also like good customer service, good communication; fast orders; super low prices; and great loyalty rewards for regular customers.

Should You Buy From Krave Or Not?

Go to this website if you’re looking for a reliable online source that offers high-quality products and affordable prices. The prices may be high, but the quality of the products is excellent. 

For beginners, they can buy a sample pack that contains several varieties to test their effects before buying in bulk. The combination of Kratom strains is numerous, so you may find your perfect match here if you are unsure which specific type to purchase.

Bottom Line

So far, Krave Kratom has not had any complaints filed against them. Their products are top-notch, and their customer service team is friendly and helpful. Their prices are competitive, which means you can save money without compromising quality when ordering from them. So, if you’re looking for a reliable seller with good customer service, this is the place to go.


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