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Say Hello to Krabot Kratom, a new Speciosa Vendor.

Still with us so far? Good, because we are about to pull the curtain on one of the finest suppliers of Kratom. Don’t believe us? Well, the 8000+ reviews on the homepage of their website should sway your decision. The thing with Kratom is that users generally find it challenging to get their hands on it locally, so the only way to buy good quality Kratom is online, leading us to the question: which supplier to trust?

According to our statistics, Krabot Kratom is your best bet primarily because of its excellent customer care and speedy delivery services. They are a fan favorite and have garnered much interest amongst the proverbial residents of Kratomhood.

Krabot uses herbs hand-picked from South East Asia’s wilderness, where different Kratom strains like red, green, and white are grown.

In today’s review, we’re going to set foot in the world of Krabot and discuss their products, ordering methods, discounts, etc. So let’s roll, shall we?

The featured products of this brand are as follows:

Krabot Kratom Morning Blend Powder: The formula includes White Maeng Da, White Indo, and another energetic strain finely ground and mixed to provide you a perfect dose to start your day. It keeps you calm and peaceful during your working hours, and you don’t have to take regular coffee or tea breaks.

Krabot Kratom Morning Blend 1000mg Capsules: Same formula as the Morning Blend Powder, available in 30, 60, and 180 capsule bottles.

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White Maeng Da Powder: High-quality White Vein powder, very energizing, best to use during the day or with the breakfast.

Krabot Kratom Super Spec Powder: It includes Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, and Bali Gold, in equal proportions, finely ground and mixed. As the mixture of four different strains is used to make this blend, the effects it provides are somewhat broader in range in contrast to other products, making Krabot Super Spec Powder their best one yet.

Krabot Super Spec 1000mg Capsules: It has the same ingredients as the powder and is available in 30, 60, and 180 capsule bottles.

Krabot Green Maeng Da Powder: Another customer favorite is the best and most potent Kratom product. It provides stimulant and analgesic effects and has a high alkaloid content.

Krabot Kratom Green Maeng Da 1000 mg Capsules: It has the same ingredients as the powder and is available in 30, 60, and 180 capsule bottles.

Evening Blend Powder: Red Sumatra, Red Bali, Bentuangie, and a little bit Yellow Bali are blended to formulate a dose for your evenings. Bentuangie has an essential alkaloid present, and that’s why the only way to obtain this product is through fermentation.

Evening Blend Capsules: It has the same ingredients as the powder and is available in 30, 60, and 180 capsule bottles.

Bali Gold Powder: It is a Red Vein powder obtained either by Sun-Drying or by partial fermentation. Its alkaloid ratio is very high, and it provides stimulant and energizing effects

Why I Chose Krabot Kratom?

Lab Testing

Krabot believes in providing its customers with the best quality products, making its customers shop repeatedly. A satisfied customer will always give positive reviews and recommend the product to others. That’s precisely how they build their market value. For quality’s sake, Krabot hires a third-party vendor to perform state of the art testing on their products. They not only pay a considerable sum to this vendor but also ensure the purity of their products this way. They make sure that every batch is quality controlled. The fact is, every package goes through dozens of machines and is not given the all-clear for sale until the test reports come out clear. The packet is discarded and remade for every detection of microbial traces, residue solvent, pesticide, or even heavy metal.

Size And Stability Of Krabot Kratom Capsules

Krabot provides capsules in 1000mg formulations. Unlike other vendors who usually provide 500-600mg tablets. The pills are large, and the coating, composed of gelatin, dissolves rapidly in the stomach and produces immediate effects.

Tablets are not only beautiful looking but are also UV protected. These are best suited for those who don’t have enough time to make tea or measure a powder for their daily doses. They just need to put a pill in their mouth and ingest a glass of water or soda. Very comfortable to use, and you know the exact quantity you took. Different bottle sizes are available containing 30, 60, or 180 capsules. The caps are child-proof, so you don’t have to worry about placing the bottles on your kitchen counters or in the side table drawers.

 Similarly, encased in black and white moisture-proof packets are the powders. These are finely ground with a 100 micron fast acting grind, and pasteurization occurs to prevent harmful bacteria and mold growth. Powders are available in different pack sizes, i.e., 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg.


Shipment for most of the items on Krabot is on the same day of the order placement. So you don’t have to wait for days to receive your parcel. Shipment can be obtained with either USPS priority flat rates or USPS priority express flat rates. In both cases, there is rarely any delay in the shipment. They have useful helplines established to solve any queries and for tracking the shipment. Your questions find answers within hours and problems their resolution within minutes, thus maintaining customer satisfaction.

Payment Methods

To prevent their clients from any sort of payment protocols, Krabot provides a vast range of money transfer options for you to pay without leaving the comfort of your home and pay online without physically bothering yourself. These options include Visa, Mastercard, eCheck, Zelle, Money order, and even the cryptocurrency.

Price Comparison

While other companies are selling 100g powder in $19.99, Krabot offers 100g of the product in just $14.99 to $17.99, which is a very affordable rate for the product. Thus, making Krabot the highest-rated, best quality, and most influential brand you can find on the internet. Once you use it, the price will not matter much to you, and you will fall in love with these products.

Misconceptions That I Heard And Tried To Find The Truth

Krabot makes you high: One misconception about Krabot is that it makes you high. That is untrue. Kratom plant is a coffee family member, and you can use it daily, just like you use coffee or tea.

These are illegal: Another rumor is that these products are prohibited, and may develop tolerance or addiction. Don’t fall for the false stories as they just misguide you. Krabot products do not come under the controlled substances and narcotics. On the contrary, opioid withdrawal symptoms are curable thanks to Kratom.

These are not FDA approved: Yes, it is true: the FDA has not approved Krabot’s products. That’s probably because these products are new in the Western world, authorities are unsure about their use and are conducting studies to calculate their effectiveness. That is why the denial of approval for ingestion from the Food and Drug regulatory Authority (FDA). Though, the natives of South-East Asia have been using Kratom herbs for centuries. People of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand use these herbs in their medicines and even serve them as a tea during their ceremonies.

How Was My Personal Experience?

I am a working woman with two children. My mornings used to start with fatigue and end on sleepless nights. Day by day, I was falling prey to nervousness and uneasiness. I tried different medications, which cost me a lot, and instead of curing, those meds made my situation worse. So, I heard about herbal cures and decided to give it a try. After reading reviews and taking suggestions from my pals, I purchased Krabot Morning Blend Powder.

It worked like a miracle. It used it for about two months, and after feeling a drastic change in my energy and personality, I decided to try some other products of the company. So far, I have used Krabot Kratom Evening Blend Capsules and Krabot Green Maeng Da 1000mg capsules, besides the Krabot Morning Blend powder. All the products that I used were worth trying, and the one that suited me the most was Krabot Green Maeng Da.

Just a few months back, I could not find the energy to get out of my bed, and now today, I am so full of positivity that I decided to write a review for these unique products. If you want to bring calmness in your life, go for the best herbal in the market. Krabot Kratom is the name that can fulfill your needs, carry away your discomfrt and sufferings, give you the perfect healthy life, and can convert your misery into contentment.

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