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Club13 Kratom Review

Club 13 Kratom Review

What Is Club13?

What Do They Offer?

Why Should I Choose Club13?

From Where Can i Buy Good Quality Kratom?

Why They Rank So Up? How Can I Get My Money Back If I Am Unsatisfied With My Ketum Product?

If I Choose Them Will They Offer Me Any Discount?

Oh Gosh! Number of questions would be in your mind I know as same happens to me as well. So let me tell you, you are at the right place on right article to know all about Club13 Kratom and all of your questions and doubts. Let’s get started!!

Club13 was founded in 1999 in St. Augustine when kratom was not much known in US. Since then they are selling through online services and are now included in most renowned pioneers of Kratom vendors. Their customers have been repeatedly given number of positive reviews about the trust and quality of this Brand. I guess this is the reason they have still maintained their reputation over a period of decades.

In this article I’ll let you know about the different strains that Club13 is selling, about alternative kratom products provided by this vendor, their customer reviews and much more that you should know!!

What Type Of Strains Club 13 Is Selling?

They have a range of different herbs, like

  • Kratom
  • CBD
  • E-liquid

But at this moment I shall be writing about kratom strains they are offering.  Currently they have more than 40 different mitragyna strains in following different forms. They are also offering speciosa samples at lowest prices. 

  • Capsules
Sr.no Strain Name Sub Product Quantity Price
1 Connoisseur Blend Connoisseur blend Korth Capsules Size 04 bottle $5.40
Extra Strength Connoisseur Blend Ketum Capsules Size 04 bottle $7.56
2 Gold Extra Strength Kali Gold Size 04 bottle $6.46
Kali Gold Kratom + Vitamin C Size 04 bottle $3.78
Kali Gold Kratom Capsules Size 04 bottle $3.78
3 Green Vein Jade Alkaloid Enhanced Kratom 02 capsule pack $17.17
Three Leaf Maeng Da Green Kratom Capsules bottle size 5 $19.38
4 Kratom CBD Kratom + CBD Capsules Bottle size 04 $4.30
5 Red Vein Ruby Alkaloid Enhanced Kratom Capsule pack 02 $17.17
Three Leaf Maeng Da Red Kratom Capsules Bottle size 50 $19.38
6 Vitamin C Bali Red Kratom + Vitamin C Bottle size 04 $2.70
Kali Gold Kratom + Vitamin C Bottle size 04 $3.78
7 White Vein Extra Strength Indo White Kratom Capsules Bottle size 04 $5.38
Three Leaf Maeng Da Green Kratom Capsules Bottle size 50 $19.38
Three Leaf Maeng Da Red Kratom Capsules Bottle size 5 $19.38
Three Leaf Maeng Da White Kratom Capsules Bottle size 5 $19.38
  • Extracts
Sr.no Strain Name Quantity Price
1 Double Black Bottle size 04 $12.94
2 Red Bali Bottle size 04 $5.38
3 Green Malay Bottle size 04 $7.02
4 Horn Bottle size 04 $8.10
5 Indo white Bottle size 04 $5.38
6 Maeng Da Green Bottle size 04 $6.13
7 Maeng Da White Bottle size 04 $6.13
8 Maeng Da Red Bottle size 04 $6.13
9 Jade alkaloid enhanced Capsule pack 02 $17.17
  • Powder
Sr.no Strain Name Sub Product Quantity Price
1 Connoisseur Blend 30 gms $21.60
2 Gold Kali Gold Kratom Powder 30 gms $16.18
3 Green vein Classic Kratom Bundle One pack $125.00
Green Malay Kratom Powder $18.23
Maeng Da Green Kratom Powder $15.10
Maeng Da Powder Bundle One pack $125.00
Three Leaf Maeng Da Green Kratom Powder ½ Ib $43.09
4 Red Vein Bali Red Kratom Powder 30 gms $10.80
Classic Kratom Bundle One pack $125.00
Maeng Da Powder Bundle One pack $125.00
Maeng Da Red Kratom Powder 30 gms $15.10
Three Leaf Maeng Da Red Kratom Powder ½ Ib $43.09
5 White Vein Classic Kratom Bundle One pack $125.00
Indo White Kratom Powder 30 gms $16.18
Maeng Da Powder Bundle One pack $125.00
Maeng Da White Kratom Powder 30 gms $15.10
Three Leaf Maeng Da White Kratom Powder ½ Ib $43.09
  • Vape
Sr.no Strain Name Quantity Price
1 KVAPE Green 15ml $17.17
2 KVAPE Red 15ml $17.17
3 KVAPE White 15ml $17.17

Is Lab Test Reporting Is Available?

Yes it is! There is a proper section on their website for requesting for a lab report. Especially after the Salmonella outbreak in recent past due suspected in one of their strains “Red maeng Da” has probably brought more attention towards lab testing report. So this vendor provides lab test report to the purchaser upon filling the lab report Performa on their website after 24 to 72 hours period of time.

But in case of urgency, one may contact on the provided contact number on their website.

I guess this is a plus point in building trust with the purchaser, as many companies do not show the lab test reports even after performing tests.

Is Club13 Aka GMP Qualified Or Not?

There is no information regarding its GMP verification, though it is verified by FDA.

Any False Medical Claims

No they do not offer any false medical claims, as FDA has also put some legislation. So this might be a cause that they are not saying what they want to say!

But they have clearly said that their products are the best in quality and price and they provide a useful guide for buyers to give them an idea what is the best choice for their needs.  

Customer Feedback On Social Sites

On a broader view, Club13 kratom is on the top. A lot of people have given positive reviews about club13 kratom, regarding their outstanding quality and prices. And none but not the least customers are satisfied with their lab test reports as well.

Out of all the strains this company is offering, powders have gained most of the appreciation.  But obviously experiences differ from person to person so there are some bad reviews as well, especially after 2018 incident of red maeng da strain tendency to contaminate with salmonella. Adding some of the reviews for a better knowledge,

“Club13’s Red Maeng Da was the first sample of Kratum I ever had. Back then, I depended completely on painkillers and their capsules helped me get clean. As soon as I took even a small dose (kratom dosing chart). The effects kicked in and worked like a charm. I do remember, though, that their Extra Strength Maeng Da was a bit too powerful for me.”

Maria: December 1, 2019

Another customer states:

“I got all hyped about my fist Club 13 order, but was thoroughly disappointed, especially considering how much I paid for everything. Not only did their Red Bali have absolutely no effect on me, but their White Maeng Da immediately made me feel nauseous and antsy. I know the difference between strong Kratom and bad. This was certainly the latter.”

Kane: November 26, 2019

Is That Vendor Active On Social Media?

Now days it is very much necessary to be active most on social platforms. Club13 is active on Facebook and twitter as well. Customers have given positive reviews regarding customer care services. They have given an option on contacting on their website with both phone email and direct contact. They provide response within 24 hours as stated by customers. 

What Is The Price Of Club13 Kratom As Compared To Other Vendors?

Having in knowledge the price and quality makes it much easier for a person to purchase anything. Same is the case with Kratom. As now there are number of vendors who supply mitragyna due to it increasing demand and value so it makes a person difficult to choose from where to buy and who is reliable.

If someone knows about the quality of the products club13 is offering then they would no wonder be surprised to see the heavy price tags? But I think these high prices are justifiable with the repute of this vendor. As they use to do lab tests on demand making it sure to not to have any negative feature. There is no room of any doubts when someone talks about speciosa purchasing from club13. To give a rough idea their price starts from 10.99$ for 15 grams and obviously increases with increase in quantity. But to give some facility to new comers they are offering kratom samples, for sure in less quantity and price, starting from $1.8.

Do They Offer Return Back Guarantee?

Most of the people are concerned about money back guarantee while purchasing online whether clothes or a product to consume. But trust me you landed on a really amazing place as this is the site that offers return back policy of 30 days!! Even if the pack is open. Could anything else be so amazing? So simply just choose a authentic kratom. you want but according to your need and try it, and if it doesn’t suit you return it back! But as far as I have reviewed from general population comments they are really satisfied with their purchase.

What Is The Shipping Method?

It is mentioned on their website that “All orders ship on the same day; working days are Monday through Friday 9:30 am – 6:30 pm EST.

Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped on following Monday.  Orders placed on major Holidays will be shipped after resume of workdays. According to most Club 13 kratom reviewers, packages generally arrive in no more than 5 days, although some delays are possible.

What Are The Payment Options?

Their website states that “they are currently accepting EFT, C.O.D, and Bit coin payments.  All transactions are fully encrypted and secure. They say they cannot accept debit card or credit card due to bank rules in purchase of kratom.

What Are The Top Selling Products Of The Company?

Almost all of the club 13 products are on the top list but their vapes are the featured one.

Do They Offer Any Promo Code?

Currently they are offering 10 % discount, $200* Use Code: DAILYDEALS. I do not know how much time it will last but it is active right now but on online Purchases Only. They are also offering free 3 day shipping on special products. Go check their newsletter and website.

A Pile Up!

Although the brand isn’t the cheapest in the market, there is no doubt in the fact that it is one of the best in terms of quality. The brand also has a wide range to choose from. There are more good factors, and they easily outweigh the bad. If you are still confused, simply order a sample pack and check for yourself.

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