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Ever since Kratom has made its debut in the botanical market of the world, there has been an increase in attention towards it. The demand for good Kratom powders and capsules has drastically increased.

This attention towards the substance has resulted in new vendors popping up like corn. This problem is where we help, segregating the great brands from the poor ones. One of the best brands that we have come across in the Kratom market is Oasis Kratom.

The Brand’s Mission

The team at Oasis Kratom has made sure that they have learned everything there is about the Kratom business before they start selling. They have attained knowledge from experienced farmers in the Southeast Asian countries of the world. This factor makes the brand have a first-hand experience with the substance that not many U.S. based vendors do. 

The mission of the brand is to lead the Mitragyna market with its high-quality products that ensure safety and trust. They sell both wholesale as well as in customer serving sizes. The brand is keen to share their experience with their clients through their informative blog articles

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What is Oasis Kratom Selling?

In the world of Kratom, the product range of a brand is directly correlative to the effort put into the quality of the brand. A well-rounded product range includes strains from all three veins. Moreover, the strains should be novel ones as well as best-sellers like Maeng Da.

Oasis Kratom understands how a good product range can reflect on their brand. They are selling all three naturally occurring veins along with Gold Kratom and Yellow Kratom.

The brand is selling their Kratom in both powdered and encapsulated forms. They are also selling sampler packs in case a customer is confused about which strain they should get. Some of the best-selling strains of Kratom that you need to try include:

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You can also make your blends or purchase variety packs. Oasis Kratom focuses on being as flexible of a brand as possible to facilitate the maximum number of customers. All the customers can find something that would suit their needs from the Oasis Kratom product range.

Best Features of the Brand

There are many factors based upon which Oasis Kratom takes the lead from other vendors. Some of them include:


The vendors ships their order through USPS and if you select the USPS priority shipping, your order reaches you within 3-5 business days. Moreover, free shipping is offered on all orders above $50. You can also get overnight shipping provided that you call the brand first and place your order before 3 pm.

Lab tests

The brand ensures that they have tested all their products from an independent third-party lab to ensure that their customers do not face any problems. The brand also has all the lab reports displayed on the website. This feature increases the transparency of a brand.


The brand is versatile to accommodate the maximum amount of customers. They have a wide product range along with incredible bundles and variety packs on their website.


It is easy to contact the brand in case of any complaints or queries. The brand is very approachable, and they encourage customers to review their products. Furthermore, they learn from the reviews of the customers and focus on doing better.


They not only have several serving sizes available to facilitate its customers, but the brand also has wholesale kratom options present. Moreover, they have affiliate programs through which you can become a part of the Oasis Kratom team.

Legality Information

Oasis Kratom understands the amount of misinformation spreading regarding the legal status of Kratom. Therefore, they have a separate page on their website regarding the legality of Kratom in various states to facilitate their customers to the maximum. The brand also has a blog with many informative articles about Kratom every new user should read.

AKA GMP Certified Vendor

Oasis Kratom is an AKA GMP certified brand. This abbreviation means that they have been given the Good Manufacturing Practices certificate from the American Kratom Association. This certificate means that the quality of the Mitragyna reaching you is the richest.

Quality Assurance

Oasis Kratom imports 100% Organic Mitragyna from Southeast Asian farmers. They have complete trust in their products. A full cashback in the case of a bad product or customers being unsatisfied. However, customers need to send the product back within 30 days.

What are people saying?

All over the internet, customers are raving about the quality of the Kratom being sold by Oasis Kratom. The mitragyna from the brand is very potent and leaves the user feeling relaxed and satisfied.

Moreover, customers also appreciate the extremely nominal prices of Oasis Kratom. The brand is not only easy on your pocket but also the best in terms of quality.


There are no cons when it comes to buying from Oasis Kratom. The brand has excellent strains present on their website. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding the products – you can call the brand, and a member of the team will answer all your questions. Place your orders with them today and enjoy the best Kratom you can get.

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