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Perhaps, the best way to avail of Kratom’s therapeutic benefits is none other than the hot, steaming, and undeniably tempting Kratom Tea. More of a synonym for an elixir of life – something that brews in newer hope in users as it brews in the pot.

And why wouldn’t one want to benefit from its ache-relieving and healing properties when they’re allegedly proven? About 64% of Kratom users use it to treat depression, while 41% use it to treat opioid dependence.

According to research, Kratom causes much less harm to effected individuals in comparison to other prescribed opioids. Doesn’t that crown Kratom as the leading healer already?

But well. Laws have yet to admit the truth (wholeheartedly and welcomingly). They seem to have agreed to the facts behind the scenes, which, in turn, allows the masses to benefit from nature’s gift. And so, we see about 36 verified and authentic Kratom vendors operating in the US.

Teatime Botanicals is also amongst these 36 heroic leads, and we’re happy to see that it’s in the leading lane. Thanks to the brand’s devotion towards making healing marijuana products accessible. And, of course, bringing forth the most heavenly forms of tea. They’re getting popular by the day for a real reason. The hype is reaching heights and getting us even more excited. Why? Let us spill the tea for you!

Teatime Botanicals – Exclusively Herbal & Organic

An independently-owned company, the Tea Time Botanicals has gained significant recognition and appreciation for their contribution to the Kratom community. They specialize in Kratom, CBD, and marijuana products. With expertise, you’ll find some of the finest and organic Hemp products on their shelves! Currently, the Tea Time Botanicals office is present on 11 River ST, NEWRTY.CO.DOWN, Northern Ireland. Hence, the majority of consumers come from either Europe or the United States.

Did you know there 15-million Kratom users in the United States alone? Well, apart from CBD, the Kratom market is also increasing at a great speed.

Back to Tea Time Botanicals, they have been able to establish a regional presence only due to the office location. It also explains why such a great company has not made its name to the top Kratom selling brand compilations too. Moreover, the company offers a diversity of products in one place. Unlike other platforms, you can find every Kratom, CBD, marijuana, and tea relevant item in their store. Continue reading to gain detailed insight into their variety!

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What do they offer?

Quality! And quantity!

It’s kind of the best of both the worlds at Tea Time Botanicals. At least, for those who look up to Kratom both for recreational and medicinal purposes.

There’s an exciting array of products offered by this dedicated company, varying from #IAMKRATOM bracelets to premium CBD cigarettes and crushed Kratom leaves. Plus, each product has several variants. Be it in terms of flavors or strains. With that said, the company allows you to choose from about 65 different Kratom strains and 5 CBD hemp strains. That’s truly one impressive range! Perhaps, one of a kind in the market!

Apart from the variety of products available at Teatime Botanicals, we appreciate their clean and convenient online shop. On their website, you will find a drop-down menu on the top left-hand side of the screen, from where you can get access to the shop.

Once you click the shop button, it will provide you with yet another drop-down menu, wherein all their products are in categories.

The following lists their six categories along with a few products available within them:

AccessoriesBlack Jars, Kratea Infusers Small Cups, On the Go Disposable Oblate Disc Soap, Hand Sanitizing Foam Hemp Soap, Chinese Copper Tea Scoops, etc.
CBDCBD Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil Capsules, Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gel Capsules, Premium CBD cigarettes, CBD Salve, CBD Vape Juice, etc.
ExtractsWhite Candy, Chocolate Candy, Green Crystal Extract, Gold Crystal Extract, and Red Crystal Extract.
Herbs & BotanicalsJavanica, Turmeric Powder, Shilijat Tablets, Shilijat Extract Capsules, Moringa, Hirsuta, Kratom Stem & Veins, etc.
Regular StrainCrushed Kratom Leaf, Single Strain Kratea, Single Strain Powdered Kratom, Kratom Capsules, Fresh Kratom Leaves, etc.
SampleIncludes small sampling quantities of the products listed above.

What’s more, you can get these mostly in the price range of $3 – $ 116. Of course, there are other options too. You can explore these for yourself here. But if it’s getting a bit confusing and you’re a first-timer, then we’d recommend you to try their reasonably priced sample products. With these, you can assess if the quality of their products satisfies your taste without having to spend too much.

So, is Teatime Botanicals worth a try?

Honestly, the answer to this question is an absolute yes. Our experience has been outstanding, and we assure yours will be too! The Tea Time Botanicals has made some serious efforts in providing the Kratom community with the very best products.

Looking at their astounding variety, one gets temporarily disillusioned by the joy. With a concentrated market, it is challenging to find a one-stop solution. Plus, the quality is hard to judge. In such a scenario, Tea Time Botanicals prove to be a gem.

Let’s evaluate in detail as to why!

Reliability & Authenticity

Kratom and CBD products are sensitive items to deal with, so questioning the brand’s reliability is understandable. Some first-time buyers get much anxious during their purchase. Hence, taking several days to finalize an order.

However, there is nothing to fear when shopping at Tea Time Botanicals. They offer the highest quality products manufactured through safe means. According to company claims, they test all of their products for a variety of containments to ensure quality. These include heavy metals, microbial contamination, quantification, and packaging.

Moreover, the organic-based company utilizes no additives, preservatives, or fillers in their product. Each one purely comes from the specific herb.

Note the Tea Time Botanicals does not display any AKA GMP verification. However, the company assures the usage of vein colors instead of strains. Hence, they mix strains to ensure the finest of qualities. Plus, they UV sanitize every single batch!

Generous Discounts & Vouchers

Tea Time Botanicals believes it is the right of every individual to benefit from high-quality products, regardless of the budget. Hence, they offer amazing discounts and vouchers, despite the already cheaper rates.

Initially, every first-time buyer gets a one-time promo code that reduces the order price by 10%. And, the team keeps on offering promo codes for reviews, referrals, and even your birthday! Plus, if you classify as Veteran/Active Duty and Seniors, you will get amazing discounts anyway.

For wholesalers and vendors, Tea Time Botanicals does offer special discounted prices. However, one must provide a business license as evidence.

Smooth Communication

Although you can find Tea Time Botanicals office in only North Ireland, they are completely accessible through digital means. They have a prominent presence on both social media applications, Facebook, and Instagram. You can even join their official Facebook group and reach out to the Admin easily!

The team at Tea Time Botanicals is approachable and friendly. They love entertaining customer queries and catering to the needs of innovative products. During the business days, they are slightly busy. So, if your call transfers to a voicemail, then do not hesitate to leave a message. These guys will get back to you as soon as possible!

Moreover, Tea Time Botanicals has a dedicated customer support department. They remain open throughout the working days from 9 am to 6 pm.

How to buy from Tea Time Botanicals?

Purchasing on Tea Time Botanicals is amazingly easy and convenient. Their aesthetically-pleasing and user-friendly website interface have several sections. Each dedicated section takes you one step further into the buying process.

Or, if you do not prefer researching much, you can simply hop onto the shop section and lose yourself in a splendid variety of hemp-driven products! Well, once you place your order by clicking the specific buy button underneath the product listing, you will receive an order confirmation response.

Usually, it takes approximately 24 to 48 hours for the company to confirm your shipping details. The response will also provide you the order tracking information. However, it does not indicate that the team has dispatched your order.

You will receive an independent order receipt once the order gets shipped. Currently, the Tea Time Botanicals uses US Postal Service for shipment. In it, there are two options available:

  • First Class Mail
  • Priority Mail

The First Class Mail is for 250grams and under orders, which the USPS ships between 3 to 5 business days. However, the Priority Mail takes around 1 to 3 business days only. Tea Time Botanicals can also ship through USPS Express and Fed Ex upon request.

You can track the shipping procedure through the tracking information provided in the order confirmation response. For payment, Tea Time Botanicals accepts all prominent credit/debit cards and E-check. However, Cash On Delivery is not applicable.

You won’t regret it!

Well, right before beginning this comprehensive review, we told you Tea Time Botanicals is winning the medicinal marijuana game. We hope, now you see: how exactly. Unlike most others, the company is focusing both on quality and quantity and bringing a plethora of CBD and Kratom goods for its clientele. That, too, at a reasonable price with impressive customer service and convenient shopping experience.

Their discounts seem to add the cherry on top of this already-very-sweet cake. Thus, not only catering to the need of CBD and Kratom users but effectively and genuinely advocating for the Kratom industry.

The company is directly helping its customers and indirectly helping the industry. For the very reason, we urge you to shop from Tea Time Botanicals. Spend on Kratom Tea wisely, for now, and the future!

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